How Going Green Can Boost Your Bottom Line

With more and more people becoming conscious about recycling and saving Mother Earth, companies are being forced to find new ways to be green.  Across the globe, business owners are waking up and responding to demands for greener products.  Product packaging has evolved greatly to fit into our new eco-conscious world.  New materials are being used to make clamshell containers and other packaging products that are used by many companies.
Paper-Based Packaging
Paper-based packaging is becoming more popular because it can easily be recycled.  Containers that were once only made of plastic can now be made out of strong paper that is just as durable.  Further, paper-based packaging sends an eco-friendly message to your consumers.  People can instantly see that you are taking steps to make your company greener when they view your packaging.  Recent research shows that consumers respond better to green companies and will in turn spend more money on their products.  When companies realize that being green will boost their bottom line, they may be more open to switching to paper-based packaging.
Sugar Cane Derived Plastics
Companies like Heinz and Coca-Cola, Inc. are jumping on board with new plastics that are being made with up to 30 percent renewable material derived from sugar cane.  These plastic bottles are 100 recyclable and show consumers they are taking steps to become more environmentally responsible.  Furthermore, Heinz has started a “Join the Growing Movement” campaign that is featured on their restaurant bottles.  “Join the Growing Movement” is a mobile application that invites consumers to become involved in bettering the environment.  Heinz will plant a tree for every pledge they receive.
Food Service Packaging
As we know the food service industry creates a lot of waste.  Food service companies are being urged to recycle and find new forms of environmentally friendly packaging.  There are many advances in containers and you can easily purchase clamshell containers and other green containers that work for all products.  If food service companies cut back on waste they will set a great example for other small businesses to follow.
With consumers pushing companies to go green, we will continue to see advances in green packaging.  It’s no longer becoming an option for companies to be sustainable; it’s becoming a requirement.  Companies that cater to our environment see their return in increased sales and revenue.  Consumers strongly support and cater to companies that are taking steps towards bettering the planet.

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