Explore Religion In Kolkata, An Important Facet Of The City

Explore Religion In Kolkata, An Important Facet Of The City

Kolkata, although a very modern and “in your face” city, still continues to be the cultural capital of India as well as one of the most religious cities. From being the former capital of British India to becoming the capital of West Bengal, the city is equipped with every aspect of a typical Indian metropolitan. In pop-culture, there goes a saying that “if Bangalore is Seattle of India, Kolkata is the country’s London”. Exploited poverty mixes oddly with city’s riches, old crumbling British era bungalows and buildings mix inexplicably with uber luxurious hotels, sprawling gardens and old colleges mix with vibrant and crowded pubs and entertainment centres. Full of different colors of life, the city shocks and charms you without fail. It is one attribute of the city that is very certain. A visit to the city is a must, particularly if you are allowed to visit one or two of the country’s metropolitan. Head to the city to experience Bengalis love for Fish and Rice, Cricket, Art and Literature, historical buildings, and a cluster of other additional attractions. For lodgings, the Kolkata hotels list is pretty long. Although, there are multiple first rate luxury hotels, tourists often pick the budget hotels that provide all the comforts of a stay at reasonable tariffs.

While the city thrives with super busy people going about their daily business, it is still clinging to its traditions, morals, and customs that have been in practice for centuries. Bengalis are considered to be highly religious and the fact is pretty much visible in their festivals, rituals, traditions, as well as the temples and churches scattered throughout the city. If you are in the city, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the most sacred temples and other religious places. The holy aura and the opulent quietude filling the religious places will help you relax and rejuvenate.

One of the most sacred temples in the city is Kalighat Temple. The entire state is an ardent devotee of Goddess Kali, and throughout the state people worship the goddess in different forms. Kalighat Temple being highly sacred receives huge number of footfalls every year. It is one of the 52 shakti peetha of the Goddess spread throughout the country and believed to be in existence since 15th century. However, the current structure that stands today is only 200 years old. Still, it is old enough to be classified as one of the chief monuments.

Another significant temple is the Dakshineshwar Temple. Situated on the banks of Ganges, it is yet another temple of Goddess Kali. It was built by Queen Rasmani and completed in 1855. Religious gather here in large hordes, particularly during festive seasons. The temple has a large premise about 25 acres in size. The temple is also associated with Ramakrishna Paramhansa, who worshiped the goddess here and attained the holy enlightenment. In addition to the aforementioned temples, you can also visit Belur Math, Birla Mandir, St. Paul’s Cathedral, ISCKON Temple, St. John’s Church, Pareshnath Jain Temple, etc.; they are the most sacred temples in the city.

India is a country where religion is kept at a high level of reverence. It is a cradle of religions and there are many holy destinations spread all over the country; Puri being one of the most cardinal pilgrimages. If you happen to be Kolkata, you can reach Kolkata to Puri by car. Plus, you can also catch a direct flight or a train, which is a rather economical mode to cover the distance.

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