Exploring Myriad Characteristics Of Timber Furniture

From personal experience, I can confidently state that timber is one of the most popular choices among homeowners worldwide when it comes to the material of home furniture. Today, while using eco-friendly materials is a rising trend, it makes perfect sense to use wooden materials, especially handmade timber furniture in our homes. The timber furniture items can be crafted quickly, they look aesthetically appealing and last longer than you would expect. Not to mention, they are much cheaper than the fancy materials available at home-remodelling.net.

As a user of timber furniture in my own house, I can completely vouch for its use. These furniture pieces not only add to the décor of your home interiors but also add a touch of warmth to your overall home environment.  Knowing some of the special characteristics of furniture made of timber, I can assure you that it would definitely influence your thought process of choosing the furniture for your home.

Some key aspects of timber furniture are elaborated below:


The color of the timber furniture you use at your home would greatly depend on the kind of timber being used to make it. Here www.biopolymerics.org are different species of timber trees and each one is different from the other, has different characteristics and varies in its colorful appearance. While buying furniture for your home, ensure that you choose the one that matches your home interiors. Make sure that you don’t expose the furniture to direct sunlight for a long to prevent fading. This resource I found on the Internet validates my points above.

High Grade

Unlike other wooden furniture, timber is extremely tough and is available in different grades. The grade essentially defines the toughness. The grade is gauged by the number of natural markings present on the wood. Typically, there are four types of grades, which are – select grade, medium grade, high grade and parquet grade. Different timber manufacturing companies grade their wood differently according to their own standards. The grade of the timber furniture you choose would have a great impact on the kind of environment it exudes. To have a classical and sophisticated look and feel of your home, it is best advised to opt for parquet clear grade timber as it would take the charm of your home to a different level altogether. A wide range of timber furniture of different grades is available at Naturally Timber.


The hardness of the timber furniture greatly determines its ability to resist wear and tear. The greater the hardness level of the wood, the more durable it is.

Secret Nail or Top Nail

Whenever I buy any kind of furniture I ensure to check that the finishing is done with finesse. No matter the kind of handmade timber furniture you wish to buy for your home, be it a cupboard or a table you would have the choice of two nail profiles, top nail boards or secret nail boards. The top nail board furniture have the nails installed on the surface of the board, whereas, the secret nail boards have a much cleaner look and they have better finishing.


The feel of the timber furniture greatly depends on the technique used to make it. Often times the wooden pieces that are cut inappropriately tend to make squeaking noise due to loosening of joints on the board.

It is a general misconception among people that timber furniture that is priced on the higher side is of top quality. This is far from truth. If you take your time in carefully choosing custom made timber furniture Sydney for your home and consider the various characteristics you would still get great value for the price you pay as elaborated on http://www.BuildGreenAtlantic.org.