Family Time In A Country Cottage

The benefits of booking a family holiday in a country cottage rather than an apartment complex.
Get away to a home from home, a cosy little cottage anywhere you please. You can have all the family under one roof safe in the knowledge you are in your own house, not a complex where people can get lost. You can even take your pet with you if you like. Why shouldn’t they have a nice get away too, plenty of room to stretch their legs?
Calling up your nearest and dearest and arranging a get together; the whole weekend just you, your friends and a fridge full of food and drink, somewhere for the kids to play, a bed for them to sleep in without leaving the comfort of your own home. Take walks by day round to the local attractions or round the local countryside then just relax at a restaurant nearby so someone else can do the washing up.
Privacy. No waking up in the morning to get the only thre sun loungers that are in the sun all day or lugging your belongings up five floors and back again, peace and quiet, no next door neighbours keeping you up till all hours, this really is a holiday that suits everyone.
You can get a beautiful pool to have a swim in, even if you do need to wear a wet suit if you’re holidaying in the winter months; free Wi-Fi so you can keep making people jealous with your pictures and statuses on Facebook. You know we are all guilty of that.
If you are a lover of the more exotic things in life, how about heading to a warmer climate or even a chalet in France. Might be best to leave our furry friends at home in this case though. So many different opportunities just not always enough time. We should all have more family time – why holiday alone when you can do it with all the people you love most and the more there is, the more you can divide that price, share the cooking and look after the kids. Not that a holiday with a select few isn’t just as enjoyable, waking up to those beautiful views across the country while eating a hot croissant and drinking some freshly squeezed orange juice. Take a swim – obviously after letting your food digest properly – dry off in the sun, read a book, take a walk – the possibilities are endless and you’re guaranteed to have fun.
Jerry Lowe writes on behalf of Analytix Marketing LTD