Which Methods Of Quitting Smoking Are Statistically More Successful?

It Isn’t Easy

It is worth making clear first of all that, whatever method of smoking cessation you look at, quitting smoking is not easy. From nicotine cravings to the psychological difficulties faced, people often describe quitting smoking as the hardest thing they have ever done.
What are the common methods most widely used, and what is their success rate?

Electric Cigarettes

Although relatively new in the UK market, electric cigarettes are reported by many manufacturing companies to have a success rate in excess of 50%. While electric cigarettes in the UK are reported to be a great success and growing in use, there is much cynicism linked to this method. As many users of electric cigarettes in the UK and globally simply use the product to get their nicotine fix, without looking to reduce use, it has been argued that this could in fact be interpreted as a failure to quit. If those who continually use electric cigarettes in the UK were counted, there is no doubt that the reported 50% success rate would fall considerable.

Other Nicotine Replacement Methods

Traditionally used nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches and gum, are successful in around 25% of cases. Somewhat surprisingly, it is reported that taking anti-depressants can reduce nicotine cravings, and are actually more effective with a success rate in the mid 30’s. This rises to 40% should you use nicotine replacement with anti-depressants, although in the current climate it is unlikely that a doctor would prescribe anti-depressants to deal directly with quitting smoking, unless there was significant evidence that smoking was influencing a person’s mental health, or vice versa.

Cold Turkey

Over 90% of people who look to quit smoking attempt the cold turkey method at some stage or other. While it is only successful in 1 in 10 attempts, it is worth noting that it takes a 20 a day smoker, on average, five or six attempts before they finally manage to kick the habit decisively. Cold turkey is often a person’s first port of call before acknowledging that they do need another form of assistance in ending their smoking habit.
It would appear at present that electric cigarettes, at least in the UK, are prevailing as the most successful way to help yourself to quit smoking. Given that their use is increasing, smoking rates are likely to fall in the coming years. Opposition will still remain to these statistics, however the health benefits offered by electric cigarettes will see them remain a popular option.
Electric cigarettes in the UK, appear to be a growing trend and are currently prevailing as the most successful way to help smokers quit the deadly habit. Jasper & Jasper offers the latest products in the rapidly increasing market of electronic cigarettes.