Fashionable Florals

Floral prints are always popular fashion choices during the warm summer months. This year florals are especially popular because of the resurgence of grunge-era style. In the early 1990s women wore babydoll dresses and loose, soft floral frocks that belied extreme femininity despite being casual enough for work and school.
Clothing trends influence aesthetic choices in other arenas, too; the color palettes that people are used to seeing in stores and magazines are the ones that they eventually want to see in their own homes. This means that individuals who are currently sprucing up their old decor or furnishing new homes for the first time are leaning toward floral prints.

Which Clothing Patterns Translate Best to Furniture?

When in doubt, it is usually best to choose the most classic and traditional of the available options. Small flowers that look like polka dots from a distance were popular on dresses twenty years ago but do not always look good on large couches. A small detailed print that repeats multiple times is more suitable for a chair that seats one person.
A couch should be upholstered in fabric that has large floral images printed on it. Romantic roses or lilies in a painted style fit in with the current trend but also transcend the of-the-moment nature of the grunge revival. If you choose to reupholster your couch in a floral print, you should not cover the rest of your furniture in the same fabric. Instead you should cover your chairs or loveseat in a solid color that matches of the flowers in the couch’s fabric. This way all of the furniture will be coordinated without overwhelming the room with flowers.

Can an Adult’s Bedroom Have a Floral Motif?

Florals are usually the default decorating pattern for a woman’s bedroom. Bedrooms are less susceptible to popular trends than common areas are, but upgrading the decor in one’s private space is still worthwhile. Many women go overboard with the feminine touch in their bedrooms, throwing flowers everywhere, but a lighter touch is the way to go.
As with their living rooms, there are ways to incorporate floral prints while still maintaining a fashionable style. A woman can subvert expectations by using a solid-colored comforter and reserving the flowers for her curtains and pillow cases. Small items like these can be quickly made at home by anyone who is skilled with a sewing machine. They can even be put aside and replaced with new ones when trends inevitably shift.
If a woman opts for a floral bedspread she should make sure that it contrasts sharply with any rugs or carpeting. A bed with a dark comforter should be the center of a light room and vice versa. Floral wallpaper should be avoided, and additional floral details should be used very judiciously.
Freshness is a hallmark of style. The bedroom should be comfortable and have a lived-in feel, but it should not look as if its inhabitant has been collecting floral-themed fabrics since childhood. The florals in the room should look new and crisp.

Do Florals Belong in Other Rooms?

Dining rooms adapt to the floral trend rather readily; all one has to do is purchase cloth napkins in a floral print that coordinate with the tablecloth that is already in use. Bathrooms also do well with small floral details rather than plastered on the wall or shower curtain.
The best way to embrace a trend in home furnishing is to do so in the same ways in which trendsetters adjust their clothing from season to season. Small changes and a handful of major key items modernize a home.
Lindsey Davison loves adding fresh flowers from the farmer’s market to every room in her home. Outside the home, when her lawn mower is on the fritz, she takes it to Champion small engine repair.