Features that You Should Look Into When Purchasing a New Oven

Since you have decided to purchase an oven, you might have figured out the difference between a microwave oven and an OTG by now. But there is more to selecting the right oven than you might initially realise.

You can also search for the best kitchen shops in your area so that you can invest in the best model and also acquire valuable insights on exactly how to use them. This way, you are less likely to go wrong in the selection of an oven model and you can design a functional kitchen.

Discussed below are certain specific features which you should look into before purchasing a new oven-

#1-Timer and delay start

Do you like the option of being able to record a match played by your favourite team because you won’t be able to see it live?

Being able to record live TV and watch it later at one’s own leisure, enables you to experience the ebbs and flows of the entire match as though you are watching it live. Be honest, isn’t that the feature that attracted you the most when you bought your TV?

Similarly, you need a feature in your oven to fall back on. This could be the timer feature which allows you to heat/cook food for a specific period of time. One benefit of this feature is that you do not have to stay next to the oven all the time while food is being cooked because it will buzz on its own after the scheduled period of time.

Besides, you can simultaneously complete other chores while your food is getting prepared. You can simply shut down the oven once you are done with your work. While the delay start feature allows you to start the oven at a specific set time, which means that you don’t have to manually start the process.

For example, you can pre-set your oven for a delayed start (to start after an hour) and go for a relaxing shower, by the time you are done your food is ready for you. You can reheat the food if you feel that it has gone cold.

#2-Sabbath Mode

Yes, I know what your thinking, but this feature has got no religious connotations. If your oven has the Sabbath feature it means that your oven essentially has the ‘hold on’ feature to keep the food warm for a longer duration.

Have you ever noticed those red lamps in restaurants which keeps the dishes toasty until a server takes them to a customer? This can be a very useful feature especially for families where both spouses are working and one of them is likely to come home late.

This feature can save you from the hassle of repeating the entire process again and instead let’s your spouse enjoy warm food without making any additional efforts.

#3-Combination of ovens

Last year, during Thanksgiving, I tried cooking turkey and apple pie in the same oven and simultaneously. Well, I am sure it would be no surprise to hear that it was an unparalleled disaster!

From my experience I would suggest that you should not look to compromise on functionality features while purchasing an oven. If you are someone who loves preparing different cuisines and see a lot of guests during the holiday period, it would be wise to invest in dual ovens.

Invest in a combination of ovens wherein one will allow you to roast your turkey and you can prepare beautiful cupcakes in the other one. This way, you can prepare your grand meal comfortably and not worry about serving anyone cupcake flavoured turkey!

The fact is that turkey and cupcakes need to be cooked at different temperatures for different time intervals. Therefore, it is a smart move to prepare them separately.

#4-Glass Doors

Have you ever witnessed the sight of cookies rising from dough? Ask a kid and they will explain the entire process to you in detail.

Well, you can enjoy the sight of your cookie/cupcake/pie rising slowly if the oven model you are interested in buying is equipped with a glass door. Moreover, you do not have to frequently open your oven door because you can easily check through the glass and you are spared from the banging noise of the door as well.

Additionally, when you continuously open the oven door fresh cool air makes its way into the oven reducing the amount of heat in it. The best part is that you can easily determine whether your pie is ready (with a golden brown crust) or not from the colour of the crust and can avoid overcooking it.

Apart from these, there are several other oven features that you should give consideration to, but it is important to consider features which will enhance your preparation process and make it more convenient.

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