Five Garden Trends For 2012 And How You Can Implement Them

Staying current with the trends is important to many of us.  We want to know that not only are we participating in the latest fad or craze but also that we are up to date on the latest research or information.  Gardening is no exception to this.  The following are five garden trends for 2012 that can help you to make your garden look and grow better.  More importantly, this list also explains how best you can implement them into your garden needs.

Fill in the Bare

We want everything in life to look its best, including our lawns and gardens.  Sometimes, nature does not help us in this process.  Our lawns and gardens can be rough with patches of bare grass that will leave even the most nature loving of individuals a bit confused and frustrated.  If this is a problem in your yard or garden, a cosmetic solution is available.  Artificial lawn turf is a great and affordable way to fill in those small areas where there is no growth.  This can help to really make the garden look better and the overall yard look like it came from a magazine.  Small artificial pieces are available as are larger ones.  Talk to your garden store about what you can expect from this great option.

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is not new to 2012 but its popularity is.  More and more individuals are looking to grow their own foods and vegetables in house rather than outsourcing growth to an unknown producer of the product.  For this reason, organic gardening is a trend that is becoming ever popular in 2012 and will only, arguably, continue to be so in the future.  If you are looking to start an organic garden, it may just be easier than you think.  Create your soil just as you would normally, but instead of preparing the land with chemical additives or fertilisers, try organic ones instead.  Use natural compost as a fertiliser as well around your organic samplings or seeds, and watch your plants—and food—grow.  You will save time in the grocery store and money from shopping in the grocery stores.

Growing Small

The fact is that many individuals do not have the land or space needed in order to create large gardening plots.  Living in apartments or condominiums means making sacrifices in space.  You can still have that great garden you want in a different way.  Try growing plants in pots instead.  Known as contained growing, these plants are great for offering the same growth with limited space usage.  Furthermore, it is easy to begin.  Just go to your local gardening store and have them help you pick out the best pot sizes and seeds for your needs.  Soon you will have your own contained garden.

Garden Of Relaxation

2012 will see a growth in the number of gardens that are used for peaceful relaxation as well as for growing plants.  More and more individuals are using their gardens as a place to go and sit and take in the natural environment.  For this reason, gardens are being designed with great seating areas and beautiful landscape inside and outside.  This is a perfect trend and can keep the enjoyment coming for years to come.

All About Community

More individuals are also coming together to create the garden that they want.  Cities and locations are blocking off communal gardening space where members of the community can come together and grow their plants.  Sometimes there is a fee for entrance, and other times the spaces are free.  Individuals are usually given a particular plot of ground that is theirs to tend to and then the rest is left up to other individuals.  Standards of growing may apply and freedom of choices in some areas may be limited.  However, coming together as a community in this way can be a great teamwork building exercise while still getting the gardening that you want completed.

Whether it is artificial lawn turf, organic gardening or an allotment, 2012 is definitely a great year for getting involved in the garden.