Five Musts For Visitors To Santorini

There are a great number of sublime island holiday locations in southern Europe, from the historic charm of Sicily to the lively excitement of Ibiza, but for many people it’s the Greek Isles which really capture the imagination. One of the most picturesque of them all is Santorini, which offers the ideal vacation paradise for visitors of all ages. If you’re planning a trip there, here are five must-do activities which should be on your itinerary.

See the sunset at Oia
There are some truly amazing sunsets to be enjoyed in various parts of the island, but the delightful town of Oia on the northern tip gives you a vantage point that is like no other. Mother Nature gives the tourists a stunning show every single night, so be sure to head to the north on at least one occasion. Needless to say, you simply HAVE to make sure you have your camera with you for this unforgettable occasion.

Sample the cocktails
In the livelier resorts of Santorini, such as Perissa, you’ll find a number of exciting bars and restaurants that offer a stunning range of delicious cocktails. There’s something about the combination of cocktails and holidays that sits nicely on the palate, so be sure to sample a few of them during your stay. Many of the bars have a happy hour that tends to last a lot more than 60 minutes, so you can find a few bargains if you shop around.

Take out a jet-ski
There are several places dotted around Santorini which offer a chance to enjoy some of the water-sports, and many of them are suitable for beginners as well as experts. If you just want to have a little fun on the ocean waves, why not hire a jet-ski for a little while? The sea is wonderfully warm in the summer months, and an opportunity to cool down while enjoying a few high octane laughs should not be refused.

Try the seafood
As you might expect from an island, fresh fish and seafood feature prominently on almost all the local restaurant menus. There is such a wide choice to consider, so whichever dish takes your fancy should get your vote. If you don’t normally choose a seafood option, on this occasion give the calamari a try. It’s a delight, and if it’s accompanied by a fresh salad and perhaps a cold glass of beer so much the better.

Retail therapy in Thira
Thira is the capital of Santorini and is home to a number of attractions, as well as the island’s international airport. The town itself is well worth exploring, especially if you happen to enjoy a little shopping. There are a great many shops and stalls offering everything from tourist trinkets to state of the art electronics. If you like shopping for clothes, be sure to visit some of the more fashion-conscious stores.

David Showell lives in England and works for