Five Of The Top High School Football Stadiums In The Country

Football is one of the most popular high school sports in the country. As a result the sport can attract thousands of spectators making seating, parking, and traffic a nightmare. Unfortunately not much can be done about the traffic. Meanwhile, larger parking spaces can be built; however, the focus in many towns and cities nationwide has been on upgrading the football stadiums. While most schools can only afford to add a few bleachers, there are several others who have the funding to create college-sized playing arenas. Below are five of the most expensive football stadiums in the United States.

Allen Eagle Stadium
Located in Allen, Texas, Allen Eagle Stadium is the most expensive high school football stadium in the world as it cost taxpayers nearly $60 million dollars to build. Able to hold 18,000 spectators, this Texas wonder actually reserves 7,500 seats for those wishing to purchase season tickets. Allen Eagle Stadium is the fifth largest stadium in Texas and the state’s largest to service just one high school.

Fawcett Stadium
Built in 1938, this gem seats over 22,000 people, making the Canton, Ohio stadium one of the nations largest. Located next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the stadium cost roughly $500,000 to build; a lot of considering how long ago it was built. Additionally, in 1997, there were over $4 million worth of improvements, which included an improved sound system, state-of-the-art field turf, structural repairs, and a renovated press box. At one time, Fawcett Field was named as the top high school football stadium in the country.

Jones Stadium
One of the oldest high school football stadiums in Texas, El Paso’s Jones Stadium was constructed in 1916. At the time, the stadium cost $500,000, an unreal amount for a high school venue during that time. The stadium features beautiful marble floors and in 1980 was named as a historic landmark by The National Register of Historic Places.

Ratliff Stadium
Another Texas stadium making the list, Odessa’s Ratliff Stadium cost $5.6 million when it was built in 1982. Ratliff also has the distinction of being home to two Texas high schools: the Permian Panthers, who were featured in the movie “Friday Night Lights” and the Odessa Bronchos. Additionally, the ticket booth features five windows; however, it is rarely open since the majority of games typically sell out before game day.

Round Valley Ensphere
One of the most impressive looking high school football stadiums is the Round Valley Ensphere, located in Eagar, AZ. Constructed in 1991, it was the first domed high school football stadium in the nation. The stadium not only boasts over 189,000 square feet, but it has the distinction of costing tax payers $11 million. The stadium also has the ability to simultaneously host a football game, tennis match, and basketball contest.

Since high school football is such a popular Friday Night event, most tax payers do not mind schools loads of spending money constructing state-of-the-art stadiums. Additionally the stadiums provide an opportunity for high school athletes to perform in front of large crowds. The super stadiums also allow spectators to sit comfortably though all four quarters and into overtime, if necessary.

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