Five Sports Perfect For Couples

Fed up of your hubby heading off to play football every Sunday or sick of being left in the lurch while your wife meets the girls to head to the gym? Taking part in sport doesn’t always have to mean doing it at the expense of spending time with your loved one.

In fact, taking part in sports together is a great way to bring you closer, get fit and healthy, get the endorphins flowing and have some great fun while spending some quality time with each other. But don’t let physical inequalities get in the way, there are plenty of types of physical recreation where you can team up together or face off with a competitive edge with a level playing field. Here are five sports perfect for couples to play together:


Sport doesn’t always have to mean playing for points and with something as simple as hiking you really can do it anywhere but you can make the exercise as light or as demanding as you like. It’s a great way to see the world and appreciate the sights around you, while you can add a romantic flourish by taking a picnic with you as you go.


Badminton is a fast-paced sport and an intensive workout, but because it relies more on finesse and timing rather than raw power it’s the perfect racket sport for couples to play against each other. Doubles is always an option too if you have some pals to play with.


If you don’t want to risk the loser getting the hump or squabbling over points then joining the same team means you will get a great workout while working together for doubles fun. Mixed doubles makes tennis the perfect couples’ sport and your local courts or club will not be short of other competitive couples willing to take you on.


The beauty of golf is that it can be as relaxing or as competitive as you want it to be and anyone can play it. Clubs around the country host couples competitions where you can team up with your other half, or if you like to tee off against each other then making use of handicaps and the varied distances of women’s and men’s tees means it will be a fair contest, irrespective of your varying strengths or abilities. Even if it seems tricky to get started then lessons are more affordable than you think or make great birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts for sporty couples.


While some may not class this as a sport at all levels, you can still enter competitions if you fancy adding a competitive edge while it is definitely a good workout that you can both enjoy at the same time. Novices will enjoy a laugh-a-minute as they learn the steps together with dance lessons, while the intimacy and physical closeness of dancing means it is a great skill to learn together and a great talent to have in your armoury to impress others at parties.

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