Five Steps To Keeping Your Laminate Flooring In Excellent Condition

Installing laminate flooring to your kitchen can be an expensive job so the process of maintaining it and keeping it in good nick is equally as important.

One of the great positives of laminate flooring compared to other alternative options is that it is relatively straight-forward to clean.

However, you must ensure that the surface is cleaned properly and given exactly the right amount of attention on a regular basis otherwise it will become a breeding ground for a build-up of dirt – especially if you’re part of an active household!

It may seem innocent enough but every time someone walks across the kitchen floor it’s likely they’ll be bringing in some sort of uncleanliness from another room or outside.

With this in mind, here are five steps to follow to help your laminate flooring looking glorious.

First things first
Before you attempt to remove any stains or mess from your laminate flooring you should always prep the surface by using a vacuum or dust pan and brush to remove whatever may be lingering in the corners of the room – you may be surprised at what you pick up!

Don’t get it too wet
If you plan on using a mop to help clean the surface, it’s essential that you don’t go over the top with the amount of water that you splash on the laminate. Otherwise, you may be left ruing your carelessness when laminate planks warp because of the amount of standing water on the floor.

Remove those streaks
Does your laminate floor contain streaks that don’t seem to be removable with the use of standard cleaning equipment? Try mixing some distilled vinegar with warm water – at a ratio of 1:4 – and use a spray bottle to burst out a couple of sprays. Wipe with a cloth and see the magic take place!

This one may seem a little strange but it’s definitely effective for removing those scuff marks caused by footwear, particularly trainers. Use a pencil rubber to erase the mark and then repeat the vinegar trick mentioned above and dry the area in question to complete the process. Remember though, be gentle, it shouldn’t take a great deal of elbow grease to get the job done.

Be careful
While the methods this article has previously mentioned should leave your laminate flooring looking spotless, be wary of products like cream clear and, at all costs, don’t use sandpaper – it will only serve to ruin your beautiful flooring!

Matthew Wood is currently developing a series of informative and engaging articles for the well-respected online brand Finsa Home with topics including Kitchen Flooring and Laminate Flooring.