Planning Your Halloween Party

It’s that time of year again – the nights are drawing in sooner, the cold is setting in – it’s time to dust off your Herman Munster outfit, as Halloween is almost upon us!

If you aren’t planning to go to a party at someone else’s, then you might be throwing a party of your own – and while parties are supposed to be fun, organising one can be a lot of work and there can be lot to remember. Here are some tips to take some of the stress out of the planning stages and make sure your party is a scream:

Decide on an original theme

You might be thinking that a Halloween party is a theme in itself – but really everyone knows that half the people at any Halloween party don’t put any thought into their costume and will just turn up as a zombie. Trying a different fancy dress theme will make your party more special, so why not go for something more specific, like favourite 80s rock stars, or favourite Simpsons characters?


Your invites are as important as your bowl of punch – they set the tone for your get together and let your friends know what to expect. Send out bland invites and people will think it’s ‘just another party’, so let them know yours is special by making sure your invites are lively. Use striking colours and be humorous and fun writing them. Make sure to print on superior card or paper using good quality ink cartridges. And most importantly, ensure your mailing list is accurate and up-to-date – the last thing you want is invites going to the wrong places!

Designate a photographer

No doubt you’ll want some pictures to remember your big night by, to reminisce with your friends over, or (for the less embarrassing ones) print out using colour cartridges and put into an album. Hiring a photographer is obviously a bit much unless you’re having a Halloween wedding – but most of us have a friend who is snap-crazy and knows how to use a good camera. Why not get them to be photographer for the evening? It’ll save other people time and effort, and you’ll have a coherent and professional collection to look back on.

Let the neighbours know!

It’s a party, so there’ll be lots of noise, dancing and people getting excited. Be sure to let your neighbours know beforehand – they’ll appreciate you a lot more if you give them a heads up!

This article is written by Adam who is a regular writer for the UK based company – Toner Giant. Toner Giant are suppliers of Epson toner cartridges to businesses and consumers.