Five Tips To Survive A New Homeownership Without Stress And Loss

It is indeed a pity that whenever you buy a new house not only do you have to set about making it a home but also have to deal with leaky taps, faulty plumbing and the like without any guide. Luckily, there are a few basic things to know that can help sail you through a fair crop of new-home related hassles.

Teary faucet

There is nothing as dampening as a dripping faucet. Generally, the main cause is a faulty washer within the handle. The first thing to do is shut the supply valve below the sink so that you don’t end up drenching yourself. Place a rag over the drain as the handle may contain small parts that might fall through. Pop the screw’s covered and removes the screw from the handle. Dissemble using a wrench and line the parts you remove from the stem in order otherwise you might have a tough time fitting them back.

Check the rubber parts as they are generally worn out or any plastic cartridges for cracks. You’ll find hardware stores have a large variety so don’t forget to take the part along with you. After that all you have to do is reassemble.

The cautious gardener

Before starting with any serious digging, it is safer to call on the local utilities in your area as there might be buried power lines. It is very easy to accidentally electrocute yourself by slicing a hidden power line. All it takes is a simple stomp on a pointed shovel to cut through a power line buried within the soil; so, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Unwelcome guests

Termites tend to dwell near exposed wood framing in tubes spread out like branches. When you break open such tubes, there could be yellowish or cream colored insects. Check the foundation where the siding meets it for tiny dirt clumps or salt size like droppings near pinholes. If these are around, then you might have tunneling bugs at hand and need to call an exterminator.

Sinking issues

Clogged sinks are no fun to unclog as chemicals don’t seem to help much. If it is serious, then mechanical clearing is your best bet. Block the overflow holes after removing the stopper. Plunge with a plunger (preferably flat faced). However, before you do so, add some water in the bowl. In case this isn’t effective, then you’ll have to see where the clog is and so the next step is removing the trap.

If the clog is deep, you will need a hand snake to coil through the drain so that you can push and twist the block causing debris away. Even if this does not work, you need to call on the professionals.

No crack drilling

If your bathroom has no nails for mounting hangers or vanity cabinet, drill through the tiles. Many a time, this leads to the tile surface cracking. A drywall screw should help things along. Grab a hammer and   place the screw tip at the point where you want to drill it. Hammer it gently till you have pierced the glaze and have a small dot. This should make the drilling easy as your screw won’t slip while drilling.

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