Get Better Wedding Photos by Following These Expert Suggestions

Every bride and groom wants to have beautiful pictures to remind them of their wedding day, but taking perfect pictures is harder than it seems. Sometimes nerves get in the way and your smile can look too tight, or there may be items in the photographs that should not be there. Fortunately, you will have a better chance of having the wedding photos of your dreams by following these simple suggestions.

Relax Your Body

When some people see a camera, they get self-conscious and tense. Fortunately, you can help yourself relax by taking a few deep breaths and rolling your shoulders to relax them. By easing your tension, it will help you look and feel happier for your wedding photos.

Pay Attention to Details

After carefully planning a beautiful wedding for months, you donot want a mundane detail to spoil your wedding photographs. If you have water before your ceremony, use a nice glass to drink from instead of a plastic bottle, as it could end up in your pictures. Paying attention to the smallest details will help keep your photographs free from distracting details, such as a plastic water bottle.

Bridge the Gaps

Snuggle up next to your groom or bride as closely as possible when taking wedding pictures. Any gaps between you will look more awkward than they should in your wedding pictures. Have the groom put his arms around you or lean into each other when the photographer is capturing your image.

Put Hair in its Place

Wearing your hair down can be an issue when the photographer is taking candid shots during your wedding or reception. If you or your bridesmaids are wearing your hair down, it can accidentally obscure your face in pictures taken from the side or back. Pull your hair back on the sides to keep it from blocking your face in your wedding pictures.

Skip the Drinks

Until the wedding photographer has finished with the posed portraits of the wedding party, advise them to hold off on any alcohol. The last thing that you want is wedding pictures of tipsy groomsmen or bridesmaids. The best time to take wedding portraits is after the ceremony and before the reception begins so that everyone is sober and there are no food crumbs on his or her clothes.

You Do Not Have to Smile All the Time

If you are posing for pictures, smiling for several minutes may make your face hurt if you are trying to smile in all of the pictures. Instead, relax your face while maintaining a pleasant look on it and try to smile with your eyes. Also, smile while kissing your groom so your lips donot look puckered in your wedding photographs.

These suggestions will help your wedding photographer in Sydney take better photographs on your wedding day. Let the photographer do his or her job and concentrate on your part in the wedding so you are not overly nervous and tense when the shutter clicks. Being relaxed on your wedding day will help your pictures turn out better.