Gifts With A Difference For Hard To Please Men

Buying gifts for the man in your life seems to get harder and harder year after year. There are some men out there who are notoriously difficult to buy for as well, with gifts often met with little more than a smile and a grunt, before being politely discarded or ‘filed away’ never to see the light of day again. But think outside the box and beyond the socks and there are some incredible gifts out there which will stir even the grumpiest of souls into some birthday excitement. Gifts for special occasions should be special in themselves, something that will be treasured or remembered forever. Unforgettable experiences, unknown adventures or personalised presents that will take pride of place all make perfect offerings for that special someone, it’s just choosing them that is the difficult part. Here are some gifts with a difference to help inspire your own choices:

James Bond-style spy training
Come on, admit it, most men dream about being James Bond. Guns, gadgets, girls, endless adventure and thrills galore; what man wouldn’t want all that? Well, we can’t promise you the girls, but guns, gadgets and thrills galore will certainly be in store if you sign him up for an action packed ‘spy academy’ adventure. Like a combination of all the best bits of paintballing, outdoor pursuits and hands-on martial arts training, those who take part get to fire machine guns and sniper rifles (all air powered, don’t worry, he won’t be handling live ammunition), learn some hand-to-hand combat techniques and get hands on with some Bond-style gadgets for everything from listening in to the enemy to picking locks.
Brewery tour
Most men love beer and most men love being able to boast about knowing more stuff than their friends, so this is the perfect combination. Informative and entertaining tours are available at some of the country’s largest, oldest or most unique and cosy breweries where visitors get to taste the beer at close quarters and also learn all about the history and techniques that go into brewing. And then they get to drink some more of it.
Flying lessons
You’ll send the excitement levels soaring if you treat your man to a trip in his very own aircraft. Even if he doesn’t have a head for heights, he soon will have when he’s in control of a glider, microlight or small plane and flying gently through the air. It’s a thrilling and eye-opening adventure and something that will stick in the mind for years to come.
Sports lessons
Gifts for men often revolve around one thing – sport. That’s no bad thing if you’re man is a sports nut, why venture away from something that he loves? But instead of the usual football mug or boring old match tickets why not treat him to something which he will really benefit from. Whatever his chosen sport, golf, tennis, squash, snooker, then he will always relish the chance to improve so buy him vouchers for some professional lessons. It really will be a gift that keeps on giving next time he’s lording it over his friends thanks to his newly-enhanced skills.
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