Redoing A Work Bathroom The Way That Works Best For Everyone

Bathrooms are a tricky beast to tackle since the designer has to be conscious of the utility and also the environment it will display.  On one hand, people like to over-embellish the design so it is a distracting enough environment to create a mini experience.  On the other, it must be created so people can get in and get out quickly when they need to without having to worm their way through the place.  Knowing what is important and not important in the design of a bathroom is a good way to make sure everything is done right the first time so it does not have to be revamped soon after everyone figures out they hate it.

The Importance Of The Layout

The layout is always the most important aspect of the bathroom, along with every other room you could possibly think of.  Most try to go for an open layout because bathrooms with hidden areas can be problematic if someone decides they want to use the area for harming another individual.  However, larger volume bathrooms like ones for airports that almost always have people in them can benefit from having a split plan given that it makes a very public bathroom feel slightly more private.  It is also common to have the stalls and urinals grouped together because of the simplicity for installing plumbing.  Even though most guys do not want to stand next to each other when they are using a urinal, sometimes it is best since everyone is at least in the other’s immediate presence.  In addition, this is also much easier to clean in the long run.

Decorating Is Important Too

Decorating is also important even if nothing extra will be done.  For simple bathrooms, including simple calming colors that can easily be cleaned and scrubbed is important for upkeep and overall look.  Bathrooms that will have a lot of décor, however, will be somewhat different.  These rooms are often designed much like another room of the house, but often carry a significantly different style associated with them.  It is not uncommon to see a modern household have a Victorian style bathroom since people like to make the bathroom the ultimate contrast.  Given the room’s utility, this often works very well for most people that attempt to do it.  Creating hybrid rooms can also work rather well, carrying elements of the rest of the house along with Victorian Frame Company vanity mirrors.  More elegant Victorian Frame Company master bedroom mirrors can be installed too to add a different feeling along with making the bathroom appear larger and safer to everyone inside.
Eric Blair writes about interior design and different futniture items like mirrors from Oval and Round Mirrors.