Give Your Grandparents The Best Vacation

Your grandparents called. They said that they want to spend their vacation at your place. Of course, you are so excited to see them. You love your grandparents so much that you want to make their stay extra special.
Do you have an idea how you can do that? If none, you don’t have to panic. I can definitely help you with my simple tips.

Are you ready?
Hold a surprise ‘Thank You’ party. Would you like your grandparents to get teary – eyed? Well, you can conduct a small party for them. This doesn’t need to have a special occasion. It will be your Thank You day for them.
Are you thinking of spending a lot? Well, here’s the good news. You don’t have to splurge so much for this simple party. It doesn’t have to be huge. You can just invite your relatives and closest friends. Make simple menu and you are all set.
Don’t forget to create a program for your party. You can make a video presentation consisting of old pictures. Or, you can ask the little ones to prepare a song and dance number.
I think that your Thank You party for your grandparents would be superb!  
Give them coupons for great vacation spots. Why don’t you treat them for a great getaway? I’m sure that they can still enjoy the ocean’s breeze. Get beach coupons. Or if you can get tickets from hotels, that can be a good choice too. Just make sure that they will be able to relax.
If your grandparents are still game for extreme things, get theme park coupons from But before you allow them to take the rides, consult their doctor first. You wouldn’t want to bring them to the hospital, would you?
Be with them as much as possible. And this is what matters most. You need to make time for them. I know that you can be pretty busy with your work. You have tons of deadlines. But what’s a day or two? Remember, they have given their time to you. I guess that they deserve yours too.
Serve them. If you can prepare their breakfast in bed, that will do. If you want to prepare their favorite steak, then by all means, pump up your grill. Make them feel that they are loved.
These simple things can mean a lot to them. If not for your grandparents, you wouldn’t be here on earth! Give them what they deserve by giving them the best of everything.
Kim Bookman is a mother, a daughter and a granddaughter. She values her grandparents so much that she always gives them something special.