Good Website Design For Business

Visitors to websites have different expectations than when they are viewing TV or reading a newspaper. Website visitors are in a hurry. They type a search query into the search engine and expect to find a quick and useful answer to a problem. If a website does not satisfy them in less than 10 seconds, they leave the site. Studies that examine the human-computer interface, or how people use the Internet, give insights into how to design a valuable website.

Writing Style & Layout
Better writing is the most effective improvement that can be made to a website. Spelling and punctuation must be accurate. Keep the text concise. Headlines and page titles must explain in a few words what the website is about. If the text is too long, visitors skip over it and guess about the content. Visitors take in the first few characters of a line then decide whether or not to finish reading the entire sentence.
Catching Attention
The website must be geared to the product or service. Nobody types into a search engine, welcome to our website. If food is being sold, talk about food and show pictures of food. Don’t offer a coupon before the visitor knows what is being sold. Studies show people ignore banner ads and moving animation. Keep the needs of the visitor in mind at all times.
Website visitors scan. Their eye movements form a capital F pattern. They look across the top, down the side for a short ways, take in a few more lines about half-way down a page then look straight down the left-hand side at the first few words. The best websites design pages according to this pattern.
Navigation & Usability
Visitors leave a website if it is difficult to navigate. Subheads are good. Use short text that describes a product or service. Start with a short overview and let visitors click for more details. Do not use promotional text. The new information must match the reason they clicked on the link. Use color and underline the links. Change the color for visited links.
Visitors will not finish downloading a site if it downloads too slowly. If pictures are on the site, use thumbnails that the visitor can enlarge if they choose. Visitors want to be in control.
Assure visitors that they have not navigated away from your site. Keep your name and logo at the top of every page.
The traditional white background with black type is the easiest to read. Keep in mind about 10 percent of males are color blind, while females are to a lesser extent. Keep visitors focused on the product or service, not distracting design elements.
Prompting Action
Place calls to action in areas on the website where visitors actually look. Make the call to action clear. Let the visitors know exactly what to expect.
Better writing, easy navigation, fast download time, elimination of moving animation and a clear focus on a product or service are keys to a successful website.
Vicky has worked in web design for many years and knows how important good design is to business websites. She assists several businesses on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with custom website design, see more of her work at Web Design by Vicky