Gorgeous Resorts To Stop At In Northern Ireland

The highlands and beautiful hills of Ireland make one of the most spectacular sights you could ever lay your eyes upon. The vast greenery, the old castles, and fresh air turn it into one of the most amazing vacation spots in Europe that, sadly, is usually overlooked. It may not have sandy beaches and a blazing sun, but there’s more enough to make up for the lack of typical vacation qualities most look for.

Ireland is a true gem, a gorgeous emerald that shines bright green once you have taken the first step on its grassy, tall hills and felt yourself ripped from modern times. It’s an excellent vacation spot for families with children, who want to indulge in hiking and outdoor adventures. There are resorts that will match its beauty and have blurred the lines between the comfort of modern times, the novelty of the medieval, and practicality of the future.

Finn Lough Resort, Enniskillen :

The resort is nestled in Muckross Wood, immersing its customers into the thick of the forest. However, the most exquisite aspect about Finn Lough is its exceptional rooms, unique in all of the United Kingdom. The Bubble Domes are designed to bring a new twist to the classic walls and ceilings by replacing them with transparent materials. You can lay in your bed and watch the stars above, listening to the rain while engulfed in the dense forest in the comfort and safety of your room.

It’s an experience that will be treasured by couples and families as well. While it’s a bit pricey, it does offer numerous amenities from a bar/lounge, spa, tennis court, gym, to family rooms, children play areas, mountain biking, indoors game center, and splendid scenery.

Galgorm Resort & Spa, Ballymena :

Situated just 30 minutes outside of Belfast, Galgorm Resort & Spa boasts a lush parkland area, which makes for absolutely spectacular location. The grounds themselves are stunning, with the tranquil River Maine flowing just beside it. It features picturesque walkways and cycling routes you can lose yourself on for hours in awe of its beauty. The rooms are modernly designed, and they feature numerous amenities such as outside pool, restaurant, spa, non-smoking rooms, as well as family rooms.

Roe Park Resort, Limavady :

Roe Park Resort is one of the prime examples of Northern Ireland’s beauty. The green grounds, the spectacular architecture, and the friendliness of the staff create an exceptional atmosphere. You will find nothing but praise for the resort, ranging from the high quality of their pool, excellent food, and peaceful setting. In fact, Roe Park Resort is considered to be one of the best golf resorts in all of Europe, so it’s a great place to start teaching your children the game.

Culloden Estate & Spa, Hollywood :

Settled on the beautiful slopes of Hollywood Hills is the luxurious Culloden Estate & Spa, a true wonder in Northern Ireland with one of the most magnificent views. You can see the rocky hills and waters below, go on hiking trails that will make every moment picture worthy, or indulge in indoor pools and other amenities. Not to mention the fact that it has an exquisite restaurant and family rooms. The only complaint you can find: it actually looks even better in real life than the pictures online.

Northern Ireland can easily be considered a memorable vacation spot as long as you pick the right places to stay at with your family. They may be pricey, but their amenities and excellent locations will make it all worth it. You will relax and indulge in a bit of the good life with your loved ones.