Great Attractions In The UK

Places and Attractions to See In The U.K

The UK has some great sites and attractions on offer, this post compiles just a few to get you started on a few good road trips to whittle away the time while the kids are off or just for something to do at the weekend.

The Eden Project – Cornwall

This is quite possibly one of the best attractions in the UK. The idea was to originally regenerate a post-industrial part of Britain and its countryside but it has grown somewhat to a lot more than that.

The two domes or Biomes as they are known hold hundreds of different types of plants from all around the world with ponds and waterfalls to create that relaxing atmosphere, the Biomes are kept at differing temperatures, The one is a tropical setting and the other a Mediterranean. There is also a great new centre Biome which is an information and educational and exhibition centre. As well as this there is an outdoor uncovered section representing worldwide temperature regions with plants such as sunflowers, lavender and hops.

Jorvik Centre – York

The Jorvik centre in York is an outstanding attraction based right in the heart of the city and is constructed on one of the most famous excavation sites for roman history in the country. Included in the museum are the remains of 1000 year old houses, human remains in forms of skeletons with detailed explanations of the battle wounds and informative descriptions of how they would have looked, weapons, pottery and much more are all on display to make for an impelling day out. Not only does York have to offer the Jorvik centre but just walking through the town centre and passing the intricately detailed minster is enough alone for a visit.

RAF Cosford

A little more for the lads the RAF Cosford museum. The only museum in Britain solely dedicated to aviation. Best of all its completely FREE! When I had finished my first trip around the museum, which was a fairly empty weekday, it was unbelievable to think that we weren’t charged at all for the experience. The museum is amazing with some truly outstanding sites. There is a lot to see with the obvious planes and accompanying photos right down to RAF videos and displays of RAF uniforms and equipment from the war period. Not only is the museum about displaying the planes and uniforms etc, but also about the people who fought for us in the effort to keep our country free. The memorial walls with lists of names of service men are a great and most emotional touch.

Naval Attractions – Portsmouth

To be honest there’s that much to do in Portsmouth its best usually going for a couple of days, this is also made much more tempting by the local Holiday Inn Express in Gunwharf Quays and great places to eat in the area. Keeping on the armed forces theme, Portsmouth has a great naval background, obviously being helped along by the fact its right by the see and has a brilliant dock. Because of this the Portsmouth area has lots of naval attractions including the Maritime museum, a D-day museum and the HMS Victory which is dry docked and also now a museum ship. As well as these attractions the Spinnaker tower and reef aquarium also are great family attractions.

Guest blog written by Adam Barley on behalf of Holiday Inn Express Portsmouth