Great Gaming Apps For The Mobile Gamer

Whether secret gamers like to admit it or not, playing games on your smartphone or feature phone is one of the top indulgences for millions of users. Some mobile gamers prefer to log onto their favorite gaming websites through their handsets, many more opt for the simpler game app approach. Because of the nearly overwhelming popularity of gaming apps for any popular mobile operating system, game apps are created, revised and updated on the Internet almost every minute of the day. A few of the more engaging ones that provide loads of fun are listed below.

Minecraft: Survival Mode
This Minecraft, classic edition, upgrade imports zombies, sheep – food sources, you understand, changing day-to-night environments and a pretty fair selection of props and farming tools that can be used to harvest crops – or use as weapons, but you didn’t read that here! You even get materials with which you can construct shelters! Multi-tiered play grants different skill levels to start – easy, moderate and hard. Pick an easy level to learn the game or just warm up for the more challenging levels, or opt for the more difficult levels right from the start. Don’t worry, though. The demo version of Minecraft: Survival Mode is free. If you want the complete game options with even more action than the introductory version, you won’t be set back a lot: It costs only about $7.00 or so and only once – far cheaper than a monthly subscription to many online game sites.
ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend
Mobile gamers and especially those who love role playing games or PRGs are probably well-familiar with the name ZENONIA. Their RPG series are renown as the best RPG games for mobile users. That reputation is both reinforced and enhanced with ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend. Tiered difficulty levels, single- or team-play mode and a whole lot of surprises await in this free, free, free mobile phone game app on the Android Market.
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Apple iOS fans, it’s your turn for hours upon hours of fun. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective finally arrived on the App Store in early February, and if you also are a Nintendo fan, you will find the basic game format a familiar one. This app version, you see, is based on the Nintendo DS game, and whilst the device on which it’s played is smaller, the game itself still gives you the same type of thrills and suspense. Save the distressed damsel. Her killer is about to pound, brandishing his wickedly sharp knife! Oh, no! Since you are a blop of supernatural ectoplasm, you can’t exactly knock this guy’s teeth out with a well-timed uppercut. What are you going to do?! Figure that out as you play your way into realization and resolution on your iOS mobile phone or tablet. What’s that? Realization? Oh, yes – you start the game as a ghost who has been murdered but cannot remember a thing about who you are, what exactly happened or how, and you have to resolve game situation to earn “clues.”
Have fun, ghosty gamers!

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