Gym Etiquette – Do’s And Don’t

The gym cab be a great place to socialise whilst you work out. You can have a laugh with your friends whilst still having a great workout. But it is always best to keep in mind that you aren’t the only ones in there. As much fun as you may be having, there is still heavy weight around and equipment that could do a lot of damage if misused. So here is a quick overview of a few do’s and don’ts in the gym.


Make sure you look out for your partner. If you are there to spot someone then make sure you do your job. If you are not comfortable with the weight don’t be afraid to say so, they won’t want you above them if you will just let the weight drop.

Always maintain concentration in the gym. At any time in the gym, anyone (including yourself) may need a hand and you need to be alert enough to help.

Offer encouragement and support to fellow gym goers. If you see someone there regularly, who has just completed a good set or ran further than before, then go and say well done, everyone likes some praise when they achieve something.

On the contrary, if someone is struggling then don’t be afraid to offer them a hand. If you are an experienced gym junkie then there is no doubt that you will have some knowledge that others can benefit from. If you share it with them and they share it on, then you know that you are making a difference.


Do not drop weights to the floor. This can damage them and make them unsafe for the next person to use. You should make sure that when you are done, you put the weights back on the rack, this will save the next person a few minutes of foraging.

Try not to grunt excessively, it just makes other people feel awkward. Plus if you are shouting out as you are lifting, then chances are it’s probably too heavy a weight anyway.

Another one is that you should never leave a bench covered in your sweat, it’s is unhygienic and just downright gross. You wouldn’t want to sit in it, so don’t leave it for other people.

Don’t stand there talking away on your phone. This is one I see way too often, it is unsafe and you could be putting other people at risk with your lack of attention.

This is just a basic few pointers that regular gym goers may know anyway. But it never hurts to offer a reminder, especially with the dangers that commercial gym equipment can have. This helps to make sure that the gym is an accessible place to everyone. And more importantly, makes it an unthreatening place for new people who wish to join and train up. So always make sure that you are trying to help and not hinder, and it will make the gym a very pleasurable to spend some your free time. 

Alex Wright has been writing fitness articles for many years. With a passion in the industry and an avid gym goer, he writes from personal experience and also from the experiences of others. Working out of a company embedded in the industry; Health Clubs at Home