Why Do People Cheat On Their Partners?

It’s sad that while you may be in a relationship with a person for years, even decades, one mistake can erode that bond, and cause so much grief and pain. While most average reasonable person will always be against infidelity, nobody certainly wants to be cheated on. And when one is confronted with the problem of a cheating partner, the first and last question left on one’s mind will always be ‘why?’

While every situation is unique and has its specific nuances, here are some basic reasons for why people cheat and the ways for which to approach them.

“Because you hurt me first”

Maybe you had a moment of weakness with your ex and your current partner decided to even out the score by hooking up with his co-worker. However, no mature person would ever think that two wrongs will make a right. In fact, the only thing it does is one whole mess. Instead of filling the cracks in your relationship which showed when you first wronged him, your partner only makes the gaps wider. Don’t even think about continuing the cycle because not only is this childish but you’re making the possibility of a reconciliation dimmer.

“I was simply bored.”

You both have gotten so comfortable with each other that you aren’t thrilled anymore by your weekend dates and while you sleep together, you’re miles apart emotionally. If your partner still acknowledges that he or she has feelings for you, then well and good. However, you need to stress the importance of taking the effort to salvage the relationship. But although you might be open to reconciliation, always be on guard. The only reason for why these people can afford to cheat is because they can get away with it and so you need to lay the rules now.

“I want you to catch me”.

A person who cheats to get caught is someone who is no longer interested in pursuing the relationship. Why else would you want to subject someone who you care for deeply into such a grueling ordeal in the first place? It’s normal for people to fall out of love. What’s regrettable is when individuals cannot be honest about it with their partners and tell them in a straightforward yet decent manner that they want out. In some cases, counseling might help but if you cannot trust this person anymore to care for your feelings, then it’s better to walk away.

Deborah Phillips is the writer and editor of ArticleMyriad.com. She contributes articles on literature, the arts and humanities.