Halloween Costumes For Rushed Parents

When you are trying to juggle work and home, it’s easy to forget to forget things like Halloween costumes for your children. As the time draws near you are likely to panic, but don’t worry there are a lot of great costumes you can quickly make using basic supplies you probably have lying around your home.

The Artist
When rushing around searching for something to make a Halloween costume out of, chances are you will come across a piece of cardboard. All you need to make the artist costume is cardboard, paint and a paintbrush and with children in the house you are likely to have them all.

Choose some old clothing and platter them with paint. While they dry cut out a paint pallet from the cardboard and paint some circles of paint on it and then glue an old paintbrush to the pallet.

Once everything is dry, dress in the paint splattered clothing, draw a moustache on face with eye liner and if you do have a beret lying around it’s a fantastic addition. You can add some paint splatters to the face before heading out trick or treating as an artist.

Barbie or Fairy
Many children enjoy dressing up as princesses or Barbies. This is easily possible if you have some pink clothing, make up and a blonde wig. This costume can be changed to suit the child. If you don’t have a blond wig but you do have cardboard change to a fairy or make a wand out of cardboard.

Dressed in a pink dress, do the make up making big blue eyes and red lips. Finish off the quick and easy fairy costume with either cut out cardboard wings pinned with safety pins or a cardboard wand. Adorn Barbie with accessories.

Turn your child into a bat on Halloween with a black tracksuit with hooded top, a black umbrella, felt and safety pins. Start the costume by cutting the umbrella in half to make the bat wings, use your safety pins to carefully pin the wings to the back of the hooded top. Watch out for any sharp edges.

Next cut out two ears from the felt and sew them to the top of the hood and you have a bat on Halloween.

To make a pretty devil costume you will need a few items, which are easy to find at your local store. You will need a red sweatshirt, safety pin, glue, felt, metal hanger, red rubber glove, cotton balls and a head band.

Start by cutting off the sleeves to the sweatshirt. Then cut two triangles out of red felt. These are going to be the tip of the tail. Cut a longer straight strip of felt which will be the tail. Fold this strip in half and glue the sides before pushing your straightened metal hanger through it. Glue your triangles to the tip and then glue it to the sweatshirt.

Cut two fingers off your red rubber gloves and stuff them full of cotton wool before attaching to your headband.

To make a friendly ghost Halloween costume you will need a large white sweatshirt, black ribbon, glue, white netting or tulle, black felt and batting.

Start by cutting off the sleeves of the sweatshirt so your child can move around easily and then cut a hole in the netting, just big enough for them to fit their head through. The netting will go over the sweatshirt.

Next you can take a sleeve and apply some glue to one end, gathering the narrow end wrap some batting around it to form a pointed tip.

Next cut out some goggles from black felt and two holes for eyes, glue some black ribbon to either side to make a mask.

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What costumes have you created in a pinch? These ideas were sent to us by Alton Breaks from England, who put on a big halloween celebration each year.