Handbags You Have to Have this Season

bag3Your handbag is much more than a fashion statement. It is a reflection of your personality and your own unique style. It is a useful tool that helps you to combine fashion with function, helping you to carry everything you need with you and look good while you’re doing it.

That said, when the new trends start emerging each season, you have to choose the bag that best reflects your own personal style while offering you the functionality that you need. Love bold colors but need a purse that can stash a lot of stuff? Or do you rarely carry more than your driver’s license and prefer a bag that is stylish and unique? Here are a few handbags you have to have this season that can help you to fill the criteria you need:

Scout Bags

Scout bags offer you the best of both worlds: They are cute and stylish, but they also give you the room you need to haul all your personal belongings and any additional gear you may need to bring with you. Whether you need a bag for your homemade lunch or you want something to carry your extra pair of shoes and a book for the subway, scout bags have you covered.

Fun Clutches

Remember that awful bejeweled swan clutch that Mr. Big gave Carrie in Sex and the City? Well, those are back in style. You don’t have to choose a purse that’s shaped like an animal, but you can choose something in a shape that you think is fun. If you’re a reader, you can pick a clutch shaped like a book. If you’re the nerdy type, you can get a bag shaped like a Rubik’s cube. There are plenty of choices to show off your personality and your unique style.

Flared Gusset Bags

Flared gusset bags are a great cross between a tote bag and a satchel. You have the sturdy frame of a tote with the flared sides to expand the purse and give you more room. You can instantly transform your purse from a fashionable bag to fashionable luggage in seconds. Perfect for the woman who doesn’t have the budget (or the patience) to constantly be changing purses!

When choosing your handbag, make sure you find something that shows off your style while also giving you the space you need to carry what’s essential to you. Consider these bags this season to help you meet both of those criteria.