Here’s how to choose the best water purifier for offices

Just like homes, the offices also require water purifier system as they need to ensure that the healths of the employees are taken care of properly. Employees spend almost nine to ten hours every day in the office and thus it becomes important that stay fit and healthy and this can be made possible by choosing the right kind of RO system water purifier system.

●Once, you have made a decision that you want to buy RO water purifier, then you will need to consider whether you need to opt for an electric or non-electric purifier.  Electric water purifiers are helpful in places with steady electricity supply, whereas non-electric purifiers are good for places with unsteady electricity and irregular water supply. Purifiers are usually available with or without a storage tank which may range from 4 to 20 liters, and above. So, in case your office consists of large number of employees, then you should choose the one that comes with a storage tank if water supply is inconsistent.

●As a business owner, it is your responsibility to choose a RO water purifier that is within your budget. Therefore, it is important that you plan a budget in advance and invest on the one which you can afford.

●It is important to understand that basically a water purifier, whether UV or RO, requires replacement of critical components and regular servicing. Service & maintenance requirements may vary based on the water quality, which means the inferior the water quality, the more frequent the service is needed. Therefore, it is important that you check the service availability in your area and the credentials of the service provider, prior to you purchase a RO water purifier for office use.

●Locating the water purifier close to the source of water and an electrical point with earthing is vital. Preferably, the distance between the purifier and the water and electrical point should be within 3 feet. In addition to this, keep the purifier away from sunlight or direct heat. In case space is a problem, or if you would like to keep your counter space vacant, opt for a wall mounted purifier. In most cases, apartments these days offer a special water outlet near the sink to which the purifier can be connected easily.

●To make sure that you have purchased the best water purifier for office use, look for these following features when looking for a water purifier online.

✓ 5 Stage purity process
✓Stainless steel purification chamber
✓Energy saver standby mode
✓Dual process filtration for high performance
✓Inbuilt kitchen timer
✓Futuristic Pure Sense Controller to continuously scan purity

By following the steps which are mentioned above, one can easily choose the right kind of water purifier for the office space and can be rest assured that their employees will be able to drink clean and pure water that is absolutely free from any kind of contaminants and chemicals.