Historical Wood Reclaimed For Contemporary Design

Historical Wood Reclaimed for Contemporary Design

Everyone has experienced the inconvenience of using old furniture that sinks, shifts and creaks. Whether a worn-out couch or off-kilter table, it’s always exciting to get rid of old furniture and shop for new pieces. Many consumers can’t help but think of gleaming, brand-new furniture when they shop for replacements. While it can be fun to buy furniture that just rolled out of the factory, many design-conscious consumers are choosing to buy furniture made from historical, reclaimed wood instead. Paired with furniture home delivery, there is no better way to re-decorate a space.

Furniture with Personality

New furniture can significantly change the appearance of a room and can increase the overall value of a home. Brand-new furniture can certainly bring beauty into a home. However, furniture made with historical wood that has been reclaimed and repurposed brings more than beauty into a home. Such furniture also brings history and a great backstory into any home.

A recent exhibition in New York City highlighted the true potential and beauty of reclaiming historical wood. The exhibit, called 12 x 12, was held in May during the city’s annual Design Week. Twelve pieces of furniture constructed from reclaimed wood found at historic buildings and sites all over the city were on display. Among the pieces on display were a coffee table made from a portion of the Coney Island Boardwalk, a chair fashioned from a piece of an old Park Avenue water tower and a bar console fashioned from vermouth casks from a World War Two distillery.

Embracing The Unique & Eco-Friendly with Reclaimed Wood

Consumers who are purchasing furniture can benefit significantly from purchasing furnishings made from reclaimed, historical wood. The discerning consumer or design connoisseur will enjoy showing off one-of-a-kind furnishings that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Individuals who want to demonstrate their hometown pride will also enjoy owning a piece of history. Visitors and guests will delight in hearing about the great history behind these reclaimed pieces.

Eco-conscious and green-minded consumers can also benefit from buying furnishings made from reclaimed wood. These pieces are made from wood that has already been cut and treated. New wood is generally not used in reclaimed pieces, which helps to protect the world’s limited natural resources. Buying furniture made from reclaimed wood is also a great way to combat lumber yard and landfill waste. By buying such furniture, consumers help to keep wood out of dumps, where it rots and becomes unusable.

Making Furnishings The Highlight of A Home

Every home needs great furnishings, paintings or decor items to anchor its rooms. When purchasing furniture made from reclaimed, historical wood, homeowners are purchasing pieces that can be used to anchor rooms through every season. The unique, classic feel of these pieces makes them perfect for nearly any decor scheme. Reclaimed furnishings are also an eco-friendly choice.

Most homeowners have struggled with the decision to replace old furniture. Worn, threadbare chairs and badly chipped coffee tables make a poor impression. They can also make a room downright uncomfortable. Instead of choosing brand-new furniture when replacing the old, many homeowners now choose to purchase furniture made from reclaimed, historical wood. Such pieces are generally available for furniture home delivery. Given their beauty and history, they make a great addition to any home.

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