Holistic Rehab: How Meditation and Eastern Practices Assist Recovery

If you have a traumatic injury, mental health issue, or addiction problem, then you can choose holistic recovery methods. Meditation and other eastern practices can help you recover from a variety of issues while helping you to feel more relaxed and spiritual. You can use these holistic methods alone or in combination with traditional medicine to have a faster recovery.

Heal a Back or Neck Injury

When you have a neck or back injury, you don’t need to rely on medications to feel better. You can visit a spa to overcome the neck and back pain with a massage. A massage therapist can have you sit in a specialized chair while he massages your back and neck with gentle gliding motions. The practice of massage can eliminate your discomfort along with increasing the blood flow to the injured area to reduce your healing time.

Overcoming a Chronic Illness

If you suffer from arthritis, then you have inflammation in your body that leads to pain in your body’s joints. Traditional painkillers such as aspirin can have side effects such as excessive bleeding in the digestive tract. Instead of using man-made chemicals to treat your arthritic condition, you should use homeopathic medicine to help with your recovery from arthritis. A homeopathic remedy for arthritis might include a natural herbal supplement or the application of fragrant essential oils.

Visit a Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Facility

When you are overcoming an addiction to methamphetamine or heroin, there are holistic drug rehabilitation facilities available. With holistic drug rehabilitation, like that available from The Lakes Treatment Center, you will participate in wholesome activities such as yoga classes and meditation sessions. With these holistic treatments, you can recover from a drug addiction by using treatments that you can continue for a lifetime.

Recovery from Frequent Headaches

Instead of coping with frequent migraines by taking prescription medications, you can visit an acupuncturist for treatments. This alternative holistic medicine involves using thin sterilized needles that are inserted into specific regions of the body and head to eliminate the pain of chronic headaches. The needles may remain in place for several minutes as the acupuncturist flips each needle to treat the nerves in your body that are causing the headaches.

Ayurveda Breathing Techniques

If you need to recover from having a panic attack, then using an Ayurvedic breathing technique is recommended by holistic practitioners. While talking to a counselor about your panic attacks is helpful, you may have a panic attack while you are alone. Rather than feeling nauseated or having respiratory distress, you can begin to breathe through your nose while counting to 10 before releasing your breath through your mouth slowly.

In many cases, your insurance plan will pay for all or part of the costs of nontraditional medical care. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about your types of coverage.