How Does Bible Meditation Work and What Can It Do For Me?

Viewed as a type of Christian meditation, what is known as “Bible meditation” is a form of spiritual advancement that blends the use of the Holy Bible with the reflection procedures of meditation. And while everybody’s style of meditation can differ, the method normally involves reading chosen verses and then taking time to retire from any other activities for reasons of

  • Consideration
  • To ponder on positive change
  • Meditate on the real message in the verses and the true meaning of the passages to the Christian reader.

A common technique of Bible meditation is to have time and a quiet area that will let you go into a period of silent deep thought, minus distractions from others or their goings on. This quality time can be whenever feels best, such as early in the morning before taking breakfast, or later on in the day when there is more time to spend undisturbed. The whole idea is to give yourself a duration of time that allows you to concentrate only on passages from the Bible, which you have chosen, with the wish of receiving some divine inspiration to benefit the reader.


Techniques can vary and various kinds of Bible meditation assistance can be found at places like the Christian online bookstore UK and Believers Love World, to help you find the way. Moments for reflection can sometimes last for a while or for just a short time period, based on any time constraints or a feeling that you have had enough for the present moment.

In most cases, this type of meditation is initiated and ended with prayers, starting with an appeal to the Lord to be present and asking for help to make the time rewarding with regard to receiving God’s enlightenment and counsel. The last prayer will offer thankfulness for the period and for any extra insights, or comfort that has been granted from the time spent meditating.

Surroundings and Variety

Just like there are many methods of going about carrying out a Bible meditation session, the surroundings can also vary. Some might like a quiet setting, like a solitary area of the home; while other people find that being in a natural environment like a park or a forest is more beneficial. Some Christian faiths, have a period of their weekly worship service put aside for some quiet meditation that starts with Bible readings and is later on followed up by a period of meditation.

Christians of all types may conduct Bible meditation. This sort of discipline is also found with members of other Christian communities, such as:

  • Roman Catholics
  • Protestants
  • Evangelical Christians
  • Christian fundamentalists

And Contemporary Christian denominations like:

  • Latter-day Saints
  • Christian Scientists

Both are also known to participate in meditating and focussing on the reading of scripture passages.

Even other denominations, that regard themselves as post-Christian, like the Unitarian Universalists, may opt to meditate on Bible passages and hope to gather some additional wisdom, understanding and insights.