The Most Common Reasons For Singapore Visa Rejection

The Most Common Reasons For Singapore Visa Rejection

No one would like to go through a Singapore visa rejection after making all the plans for the trip. Probably, you have only seen Singapore on pictures or videos on Youtube and this is your chance to explore the beauties of Singapore. More so, people planning to be in the country for business would lose a great opportunity if their visa was rejected. However, Singapore Visa Express – a company that helps people get Singapore visa, says that visa rejection is real but can be avoided in most situations. Below is a highlight of the common reasons for Singapore visa rejection.

Double Application

It is a norm for the Singapore consulate to decline an application for a visa when someone applies twice. Some people get tempted to apply two times so as to make the process fast. However, it is more likely they will get both applications at the same time. At other times, the system may fail and a repeat of the procedure can send two separate applications. Applicants are advised to take caution although agents will rarely make a mistake of double application.

Use of Invalid Documents

It is common for Singapore consulate to reject a visa application if the documents are invalid. In most cases, a passport with validity of below six months, you are likely to get a rejection. Fake passports will not only lead to rejection but can also lead to legal actions. The photographs are required to have all features visible and be a recent one. Applying with a photograph that is contrary to this, you are more likely to have a visa rejection.

Previous Visa Rejection

If your visa was recently rejected, you are more likely to get another rejection by the Singapore consulate. Visa agents advice that one should not apply soon after the first application. However, this applies when the visa rejection reasons are not known. The visa agent can guide you on the best timing to re apply. Alternatively, the applicant can make a call to the embassy and request to know the reasons for visa rejection so that they can make amendments.

Current Visa is Still Valid

As much as it beats the logic to apply for a new Singapore visa when the current one is still valid, it is surprising that people still try to apply for a visa in this situation. The consulate will not grant you another visa while the current one has a validity even for a week or few days. Therefore, it is highly advised that you wait until the current visa expires.

Previous Visit Challenge

If you have already been to Singapore before and now your visa is rejected, you probably did something wrong during the previous visit. Most people go through rejection if they extended their previous stay even after the validity of the visa. Another common mistake is being involved with illegal activities. People blacklisted for these two reasons may have their visa applications rejected.

While the above are the common Singapore visa rejection reasons, there are still many others. The Singapore consulate reserves the right to grant or deny a visa to people visiting Singapore.