How It Is Beneficial To Use A Same-Day Delivery Service In E-Commerce Businesses

Same-day delivery service enables the customers to receive their order instantly – well, as instantly as getting it on the same day anyway. Before, this used to be a special service but now many e-commerce businesses struggle to provide it so that their service can prevail over others. This is a smart marketing technique, because many customers love getting their orders delivered without having to wait a long time for it.

Big companies have same-day delivery services such as FedEx Same-Day Delivery, Google Express, and Same-Day Delivery: UPS, etc. However, names like Amazon and eBay already were providing this service for a long time. Companies like Uber are also endeavoring to provide this service and Uber’s new service is called UberRush. The entire concept has become a big race among e-commerce retailers and same-day delivery is no more a priority service, but rather a trend.

For this service to be possible, however, an e-commerce business needs resources. Without them, this service is not possible. The only reason Amazon and eBay were able to provide this service so early on was because they had the means. Amazon has large warehouses all over America which is why they can easily deliver within a day. Now, they are using even more means to advance this service such as bike couriers. These bike messengers pick the purchases from retail partners and quickly post them.

So the question arises, why are these e-commerce businesses struggling so hard to provide this service? In fact, they are not only struggling but also spending precious capital and resources on it. One would wonder what the benefits to this service to the companies are. Sure, the purchasers sure enjoy the benefit of getting an order delivered quickly, but there must be some advantage to the e-commerce businesses too, right? Absolutely right, because there are advantages in this service for the e-commerce business as well.

The two major benefits of this service that has most of the e-commerce businesses fighting to provide it are, 1) popularity, and 2) extra charges.

Online market is just as competitive as the tangible market, and all online companies are struggling to rise over the other. This service allows companies to rise way over the companies that don’t offer the service. Think about it: if you are buying a product that is more or less the same price in two different online shops, and only one offers one-day service, which one would you buy from? Exactly, the company with quick service. This becomes a great factor especially when the buyer really wants a quick delivery.

The second advantage is extra charges. All buyers know that this service was a priority once and they will have to buy extra, so they don’t mind it because the costs are not that high. But when these small costs accumulate, the e-commerce business can cover up the resources and have a chance to rise above other online companies.

With that being said, I think it is safe to assume we can expect many more online retailers to offer this service in the coming future. In fact, Macy’s and Footlocker are already expected to begin this service soon enough.