How Safe Is Car Sharing

Car sharing as a method of commuting to work is on the rise. Specialist website reported a 13 per cent rise in the practice between the first and second half of 2011. Car sharing has economic and environmental advantages, but how safe is car sharing and how can it be made safer?

Environmental Impact

A recent study by a leading car sharing site shows that their users registered mileage figures that are the equivalent of 71,507 journeys around the world. Given an average of two people per journey it can be assumed that without lift sharing those commutes would have generated twice as much CO2 in the same time period.

Economic Impact

Less cars on the road not only impact the natural environment, it also puts less strain on our road networks. For the drivers involved sharing can save money because the petrol costs are halved and there are gains to be made as depreciation is lowered and the car experiences less wear and tear leading to less need for replacement parts at service.


So lift sharing makes economic and environmental sense, but is it safe? If you are lucky enough to lift share with a colleague from work or a neighbour from your street you probably haven’t asked this question. But what about those who choose to use an internet based service to find a driver sharing a similar route to work?


Online car sharing clubs offer some practical advice which should make lift sharing safer. You should always be cautious. Avoid providing your travel partner with your address before you’ve had a chance to get to know them and arrange for the first meeting to be in a public place. Keep a family member informed as to who you’re travelling with and when you will be travelling. Make sure you see each other’s driver’s licence, student card or other form of ID and remember that you are under no obligation to complete the agreed car share. So if you have any doubts, don’t travel.

Final Word

You can minimise your chances of putting yourself in danger through a lift share by being conscientious and asking the right questions before you agree to anything through an online car sharing club. Joining a company lift share, rather than finding a travelling partner through the web, should also minimise your chances of exposing yourself to danger.

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