How To Bag A Cheap Holiday Deal

I’m a bit of a holiday geek, I always book as early as possible so that I have something to look forward to – even if it’s not going to happen for a year.

I also can’t stand spending more than I have to. We’ve all been there, you go on holiday and end up chatting to someone on the same trip who paid less than you did. It’s a bit of a cliché, and the advertisers use it all the time, but it’s true.

Don’t be disappointed, book early

All of the travel agents start advertising as soon as possible, and it’s pretty well timed to catch people coming home with that holiday vibe, who will be lamenting the time they had abroad and having to hit the daily grind once again.

Carry out a simple Google search for “holiday deals 2013” and you will be faced with page after page of offers for discounts and extra days for no extra cost.

One thing that can swing it for families is kids travelling for free. The difference in cost between an adult travelling and a child can be as little as 10% so getting the young ones going for free can open up a huge number of possibilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Sure, the summer is not even over, but you can still plan ahead and get your holidays for 2013 underway. The advantage of booking your holiday super early is you’ll get the holiday you want and you can often get substantial discounts.

Also, you can be a bit sneaky and encourage good grades out of the kids – the school year has just begun, and what better incentive is there than the prospect of going to Disneyland Paris?

Planning far in advance can help

You’ve just returned from your holiday, and not to mention the cost of getting there, the spending money disappears fast, the tiniest things all adding up – an ice cream here, a beer there, maybe even a souvenir for granny.

So, how could you possibly afford to pay for another holiday so soon? Some companies won’t ask for the full price straight away, maybe only asking for a deposit and setting a later date for the full payment.

Start a holiday fund

As earlier mentioned I’m a holiday geek, and as such I have a whole separate bank account for holidays.Most people call it a savings account; I call it a holiday fund.
Putting away a small amount every month adds up pretty quickly and if you keep your eye open for special deals, before you know it your holiday is booked and you have something to look forward to, whether it’s next week or next year.
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