How To Be Prepared For Long Trips

Making long journeys – whether its by car, bus, train or plane – always takes a certain amount of preparation. At the end of the day, you are going to be sat in a confined space for many consecutive hours on end and you need to make sure you have fully prepared for the journey so that it is as comfortable as possible. If you have everything that you need now only will your trip pass in comfort but it could also make the time pass quicker which can only be a good thing!


One of the first things is to make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. For instance, don’t wear anything too tight or constricting as you may want to be able to move freely throughout the journey. Tight jeans would not be a good idea for a long-haul flight as you are going to be sat down for a very long time and these could start to cut into you.


If you suffer from any sort of travel or motion sickness that it would be a good idea to stock up on travel sickness tablets before you are due to take your journey so that you can take them before and during your journey. There are many over the counter travel sickness remedies available but a more natural way of trying to treat is to take a ginger tablet. Ginger is often used to treats all kinds of sickness and nausea, including morning sickness.


Long journeys, unfortunately, can prove to be very boring which can then make the journey feel as if it is dragging. In order to keep yourself occupied, why not take a good book or magazine plus a music player with headphones with you. Whilst you are reading or listening to music, you will be distracted from thinking about how far you have gone in your journey. Also, there are many travel games available where you and your travel companions can have fun. Crosswords and word searches are another way of taking your mind off the time.


For smokers, long journeys can seem a total nightmare. The thought of having no nicotine for a number of hours on end can seem a worrying prospect. However, many travellers are now turning to e-cigs in order to curb their cravings. E-cigs are safe to be used indoors as they emit vapour instead of smoke as there is no smoking of tobacco. However, e-cigs do need charging up regularly and also need to be re-filled with e-liquid in order to work. So, if you decide to use one of these whilst on your travels, be sure to take plenty of spares!

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