How To Buy A Bike Without Spending A Fortune

A motorbike is not completely necessary for anyone but plenty of people want to buy a bike. You may be one of these interested parties, attracted by the gleaming chrome and the freedom you get riding a bike. You may be turned on by hot new bikes on sale at motor shows like the New York International Motorshow – bikes like the Goldwing F6B, the Honda CBR500RR, or the BMW R1200GS. These flash new bikes may be attractive but they could be out of your price range, too. Here’s how to buy a used bike so you can get the freedom of the open road at a more accessible price.

Special Considerations

Consider what type of bike you want, and need. It is critical to be realistic when buying a bike because it is all too easy to get carried away when you see the heavy-weight models on sale. Riding a motorcycle is fun but it can be dangerous, particularly if you choose a high-powered model when you have little experience riding a bike. If you are not an experienced rider it is a good idea to get some top-up lessons, especially if you want to buy a big bike and your only experience is with scooters.

We Buy any Bike: Tips for Bike Buyers

Decide how you want to use your bike so you don’t waste money buying something that is not suitable for your riding needs. Consider where and how you will ride the bike as this will affect the type of bike you should look for. For example, a commuter will need a different bike to someone who wants to compete in off-road competitions. Getting your needs straight before you visit the dealers is one way of avoiding spending big bucks on something that will sit gathering dust in your garage.

Check that the bike you choose is suitable for your body type. This particularly applies when you are looking at the bike – if you cannot put your feet flat on the ground when the bike is in an upright position, it is too big for you. Buying a bike you can’t use is a sure-fire way to waste a lot of cash.

Price Considerations

Decide how much you want to spend. If you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited budget then skip this step and get yourself to the nearest Harley showroom. For the rest of you, you’ll probably have a mortgage or at least some other bills to pay so make sure you can fit a bike into your budget. Used bikes are certainly more economical than new bikes so look at what is on offer for the models you want.

Where to Look

Spending a little time working out what you need and want from your motorcycle purchase will minimize the risk of ending up with something you don’t like or can’t use. You also need to spend a bit of time looking at the different models on offer – check out places that say we buy any bike  or look online for cheap bike sales.