How To Conquer SERPs

This post is all about the SEO methods that allow to improve your site’s rankings for your target keywords. All of them work but efficiency can vary depending on your niche and business style.

You need to memorize that Google likes fresh content. You can regularly publish it on your site’s blog. If you don’t have a blog, guess what? You need one!
Viral stuff
Another very beneficial thing is creating really viral targeted content. Create something that people will share with their friends and family. It’ll really pay back. And I mean it. Just create some blueprint for your niche or something along those lines. It’ll generate you traffic for years to come. Though viral content can attract people for a long time, it makes sense to update it from time to time because otherwise it’ll not grab anybody’s attention in the long run.
Content is king. And he should wear classy outfits. So, make sure that your content has amazing graphics because that factor really matters (even more than offline). I’m not saying that it shoul be super complicated or something. As a matter of fact, if you make something with a taste, it can skyrocket your traffic even if it is something really simple per se.
If you can, make videos for your site (screencasts, etc). The crucial part is that your videos should appear on your site in a really regular manner. Like once every week (or fortnight). It’ll make your visitors come back over and over again.
Commenting other relevant blogs is still a good idea because it can help you with SEO, traffic and your brand recognition. Just keep in mind that if you want all that nice stuff happen, you need to leave really in-depth comments. Not some useless and obviously spammy messages that just drive moderators crazy.
Social Netwoking Activity
Being really active on social networks definitely works and the rumors are that it’ll influence SERPs even more because Google is going to implement social signals (especially their own Google +) more extensively. Sure thing it won’t happen over night but you need to develop your online business with the future in mind.
Bookmarking is an old SEO method but it still works and gains SEO benefits if used in a mindful and professional manner. Just make sure that you don’t do any aggressive bookmarking. Especially if you site is brand new. Otherwise you can really harm. Just play safe. Plus make sure that you don’t use some unknowing bookmarking services. Use the famous ones.
Q&A sites
Q&A sites and forums are still working pretty well for your site’s SEO profile. You can use them for diversifying your site’s link profile. Plus, if you answers are good enough, you can even get some traffic from such services. Just keep in mind that you need to first and foremost help people. Do not promote yourself in every way possible. This sort of sits are actually losing popularity but they are still worth using.   Rel=author   Rel=author is a pretty new way of improving your CTR in SERPs because if a user sees a search result with a photo of a person (yours), he or she is way more likely to click on that specific result just because it has a photo. That’s just because we as human beings are attracted by photos. Especially if it’s a chick. Why? Because chicks get more clicks. 🙂
If you have a slideshow created with PowerPoint or Keynote, you can reuse it by sharing it on Slideshare. It’s actually a good idea because you get a link back from a reputable site and in case your content is really good, you can even generate some traffic. The main thing to remember is that you are not supposed to create content specifically for SlideShare. You can just use the content you already have on your site and make a PowerPoint presentation for uploading on your SlideShare account.
The bottom line
These are the most workable methods for your site’s SEO and how to make a website successful. You may implement all of them if you have enough resources. If it’s not the case, you can try each of them (one a week, for instance) and find out which methods work best for you. Once you know it. just stick with those SEO methods because it’ll allow achieving the best result with limited resources.
I’m Ken and I am helping a whole of websites to improve their SEO so that they not jus stay afloat in SERPs but go up ove and over.