Should You Use A Dealership Or A Mechanic For Auto Repair

If you’re planning to have your car or vehicle serviced, don’t park your car at the nearest garage without making any inquiries beforehand. In fact, you should raise several questions regarding an auto garage such as its customer service, quality of work, price, reputation, etc.

Car owners are often in a dilemma as to whether they should approach a dealership service or an independent mechanic for their auto repair work. Here are some parameters on which you can decide whom to go with – your dealer or auto garage owner…
Genuine car parts:  Dealerships are part of the car maker’s supply chain, so it’s obvious he will sell only genuine car parts. However, if you go with an independent auto garage, it might sell you car parts that are supplied by other suppliers and are cheaper than your car’s genuine parts. Besides, car makers test their individual parts so that their reputation is not slurred in any way. If you go to a mechanic who replaces your genuine car parts with cheaper car parts, immediately the value of your car falls drastically.
Special equipment and diagnostic kit: If you go to a dealer, he will use a specially designed kit meant for your car, but it’s highly likely that a workshop will not do the same and, in the bargain, damage your car.
These days, with car components becoming more electronic, computer testers and other diagnostic kits are necessary to check whether the car is working fine or it has any problem. This can only be done at a dealer’s office because only he will have the car maker’s diagnostic equipment. It will list all the problems with the car so that repairs are equally focused and fast.
Latest technology: Automotive technology is making constant strides which an independent garage must be able to keep pace with. The garage must know the latest technology in use, the equipment used, training, and methodologies. Of course, independent garages also train their staff, upgrade their equipment and keep pace with changing technology. So, you need to take a call on this.
Resale value: If you want to sell your car,you will need to have a full repair and service history done by an official dealership rather than an independent garage. Only this will add more value to your car. Prospective buyers can see all the work done on your car by qualified technicians and then decide whether to buy it or not.
Recall and repair notices: Often, car makers issue recall and repair notices. If your make is recalled, you will get a notice to this effect so that you can go in for a service at the official dealership. However, you cannot avail of this if you are already going to a garage for your service and auto repairs. An official dealer will be able to say whether your car is liable for repair and recall, something an independent garage owner will not be able to do.
So, bear these points in mind when you need to have your vehicle serviced and weigh the pros and cons before taking the final step.
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