How To Create An Effective Brochure

Brochures and other mailings are a great way to provide possible clients with more information about the services and products your company offers.  Many small business owners have many different jobs and sometimes don’t have the budget to hire a designer to create a professional brochure.  After you create a brochure you can easily mail them out to all potential clients with an envelope printer.  Follow the steps below to create a professional looking brochure.

Size Matters
The most effective brochure is done with a standard 8 1/2” x 11” paper, which is then folded into a tri fold style.  This size makes the brochure easily fit into a business sized envelope and makes for easy mailing.  If you have more information or product to display, you can choose a legal-size paper, but keep in mind that you will need a special sized envelope to mail these.
Content is Key
Once you know the size brochure you’re going to create it’s time to think about what content you want to include.  Make sure you include all pertinent information about your services and/or products.  Keep the brochure organized by keeping all related information together.  Your contact information should be clearly bolded and displayed on the back of your brochure.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
It is important to include high quality photographs in your brochure. If a photographer is not in your budget, reach out to friends and family member that might know a budding photographer.  Remember that lighting is very important to give your photographs a professional look.  Using 1-2 pictures per panel is a good rule of thumb.

Design Away
Once you have all the content and photos, you want to include a word processing program like Word or Google Docs, and choose a brochure template.  Create an eye-catching cover by playing with fonts, pictures, and your company logo.   Break up text heavy sections with pictures and headings.  Move your text and pictures around until it’s pleasing to your eye and will make the brochure an easy read for your future clients.
Once your brochure is complete, you’re ready to print and mail.  To make this mailing project a breeze, purchase an envelope printer. Your brochure will be sure to impress clients and bring in new business.  Also remember that handing out a brochure at a business meeting is also a great way to leave clients with a lasting impression.

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