How to Ensure Healthy Heart

It is clear that heart disease is the number one killer and it affects both men and women. Despite the recent advances in medicine, heart disease is still a big threat to our health. In many countries, this condition, has contributed to the mortality rate in many countries. Lifestyle changes are needed and they could help us to prevent possible heart problems. Proper nutrient intake could also help us prevent any kind of heart disease. One of the leading factors of heart disease is arteriosclerosis or the hardening of arteries. This could happen due specific reasons, including magnesium deficiency.

When we are deficient in magnesium, it is possible calcium can’t be absorbed effectively by bones and it would end up inside arteries. This could cause buildups on the artery walls. This condition may happen in aorta and other important arteries of our heart,. Excessive production of vitamin D in our body could also cause possible problems, including calcium buildups. A common symptom of arteriosclerosis include headaches, angina, breathlessness, poor memory and cramps. The problem could become more severe if we have high cholesterol level in our body. It could be deposited in the arteries, causing some blockages.

Myocardial infarction or common heart attack could happen when there’s an interruption of blood supply to our heart. If we want to prevent heart problems, it is important to perform various lifestyle and diet adjustments. In this case, we should consider choosing more vegetables and fruits in our diet. Fried foods should also be avoided and it is a good thing if we have high-fiber diet to help remove excess fat and cholesterol through the GI tract.

Exercise is also essential. It will not only help to burn excess fat, but also to tone and strengthen our arteries. Reduction of stress level is important, because we will have normal heart rate and blood pressure. For people who are diagnosed with arteriosclerosis, it is important to perform significant adjustments in their daily diets. Various natural supplements, such as co-enzyme Q-10, garlic, hawthorn and ginkgo are able to help rejuvenate problematic arteries. Further build up of deposits in our arteries can be prevented and we will have better blood flow. We should also consume enough flaxseed oil and Omega 3 fish oil. These good oils are able to make our blood thinner and the level of HDL or good cholesterol can be increased.

We should also consider consuming food that contains selenium. Vitamin A, C and E could also improve the overall heart conditions. People who are often stressed out could have increased level of hormones and enzymes. These substances may cause increased blood pressure and heart rate. This is not a good thing if we want to avoid heart attack. Co-enzyme Q-10 could also help to strengthen and improve cardiac functions. For people who are approaching 40, it is important for them to take steps to maintain the healthy condition of their hearts.