How To find A Great Linux Consultant Online

In today’s economic environment, companies are becoming more and more inclined to use a Linux-based platform as opposed to off-the-shelf operating systems, in an effort to save time and money. Linux can be of great benefit to enterprises due to its robust and reliable nature.
However, migrating to an entirely new software platform can be somewhat of a daunting task for companies. In order to successfully implement Linux, ensuring a smooth and swift transition, companies should seek the help of a competent Linux consultant to guide the process. Here are some tips and things to consider when choosing the right consultant for the task.

How a Linux Consultant can be of help
One of the major concerns facing any organisation wanting to migrate to new operating software is system downtime. Prolonged system downtime can lead to a substantial decrease in productivity and services. With the guidance of a professional Linux Consultant, the migration period can be planned in such a way as to minimise service disruption as the new system is implemented. Via this professional supervision, companies are able to reap the benefits of their new Linux distribution in the shorted possible period of time.
Linux Consultants can also advise companies on the transfer of data and services from their current system to the new platform. Migrating mission-critical services can be a complex task, but with supervision of a highly trained consultant the process will run more smoothly. Getting this stage of system implementation right is vital in order for companies to avoid losing functionality and important services.
Determining the goals of the new system
There are many versions of Linux to choose from, each suitable for a variety of computing tasks. Linux Consultants can help companies identify their key objectives for the system upgrade, and which Linux distribution is most suitable. From enterprise-class Linux versions such as Red Hat, to popular desktop distributions like Ubuntu, finding the right flavour of Linux is vital. Some Consultants may specialise in areas such as migrating system mainframes from UNIX to Linux, with experience working for large enterprises. It is best to find a Linux Consultant who has previous experience working with the type of system in question to get the most from the upgrade.

Where to find the best Consultant for the job
The world of Linux consultation is a competitive one, and it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect person for the task. Some companies such as Red Hat and Linux IT offer a range of helpful services from consultation and planning to implementation and support. Utilising partnerships such as these is ideal for businesses that run large-scale computing operations and would benefit from comprehensive professional guidance from start to finish.
There are many smaller companies and freelancers that offer great Linux consultation services at competitive prices. One of the best ways to find these services is through specialist freelance websites. Companies should take care to shop around and find a Consultant with the right credentials for the task.
Linux is a robust operating system that can greatly benefit companies with its unparalleled stability, security and reliability. Through proper planning and implementation under the guidance of an expert Linux Consultant, companies can reap the rewards of this great software platform. When it comes to upgrading to Linux, using the services of a qualified Consultant is a must.
By Bradley Houston
Image credits: wikipedia and wikipedia