How To Keep Your Bones And Teeth Strong

Much attention is given to developing strong teeth and bones during childhood and we often overlook how important it is to maintain their health in adulthood.

Keeping them strong and healthy helps us to prevent injuries and illnesses when we are getting older. Healthy and conscious nutrition, regular exercise and dental care are key to keeping your bones and teeth healthy. In the following post we summarise the most important things you can do.

Regular Check-Ups & Posture
Although most people hate going to the dentist, it is very important to visit twice a year to check if everything is in order. You should also have your bone mineral density and bone mass tested, as advised by your physician. Also, make a conscious effort to improve your posture.

Calcium & Calcium-rich Food

Calcium is one of the key nutrients to keep your body strong and healthy. It is essential for lifelong bone health, among many other functions, for example, helping your blood clot and regulating the heart’s rhythm. The perfect amount of Calcium we need differs from person to person and depends on various factors. Increasing the amount of Calcium-rich food and limiting food that depletes Calcium is one way to get enough Calcium for your body. Check the nutritional label on the foods you eat regularly and see how much Calcium you intake. Good food sources include dairy products, vegetables and herbs.

Magnesium and Vitamin D and K

In addition to Calcium we need to get enough Magnesium, Vitamin K and especially Vitamin D. Their role is to help Calcium do its job to build and maintain healthy bone mass. Furthermore they reduce inflammation, prevent malignant cell growth, moderate our immune function and influence our mood. That is why we should have our Vitamin D levels checked regularly.

Fruits & Vegetables

Generally, we should eat at least five servings of fruit or vegetables a day because they provide all the essential vitamins and minerals we need for strong and healthy teeth and bones. Chewing fibrous raw fruits and vegetables further protects our teeth from bacteria.

Regular Exercise

Regularly engaging in sporting activities helps us to keep fit and healthy. Walking instead of taking the bus, climbing stairs instead of using an elevator, or any other little activities during our daily routine can help.

High quality rest

Try to get the right amount of high quality sleep every night. Whilst sleeping our body produces Erythropoietin and Testosterone, and these hormones aid the cells that build and maintain our bones and teeth.

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