How To Know The Taste Of The Wine While Shopping Online

From time to time, you get to enjoy the delectable taste of Burgundy wines. This wine is even considered to be one of the healthiest wines that exist. It’s really a wonder how the French manage to incorporate the flavor and the health all into a single wine bottle.

Everybody knows that the Burgundy wine comes in several levels of savory. However, many people don’t know the reason why. They just buy wines online and then wonder afterwards why they are just so different from the delicious ones they’ve tasted before.

One of the most contributing reasons why the flavor of Burgundy wine varies is the four levels of production methods. These four levels depend on how remarkable a plot of land is for growing the grapes. To buy the best Burgundy Wines Online, you need to see the classifications to find out how delicious they are without having to memorize the longer French names. 

  • The Grand Cru

This level of classification is used to describe the best of the best vineyards when it comes to producing the grapes. Of all the many vineyards of Burgundy, only 2% are granted the honor of receiving the title they’re worth of. Normally, wines produced from a vineyard produced from the Grand Cru are the most expensive wines, since they are guaranteed to be of the best quality.

  • The Premiere Cru

The grapes in this kind of vineyard is also well-known to be of an amazing quality, however, a little less than those produced by the Grand Cru. 12 percent of all the vineyards of Burgundy are made up of this kind of vineyards. Though they are a little behind the vineyards classified as the Grand Cru, their produce are still very expensive since they are also very much wanted because of their flavor. The price may be high, but it can be worth it when you buy the Burgundy wines.

  • Village Wines

You will know if the wine is made from a village because the name of the place will be put in the wine. There will be a little mark where the source of the bottle to let you know where it came from. These ones make up a huge 36 percent of all the wines made in the entire Burgundy.

Normally, the vineyards that grow and then produce these wines are situated near the higher levels of production lands which are the Grand and the Premiere Cru. However, for some unknown reason, they aren’t classified the same. Because of this, you are still charged a lot even if you just buy these Burgundy wine.

  • Regional Wines

Lastly, these wines are regarded to be the lowest degree in the classification. The regional wines are made from several villages in the entire Burgundy, compared to the others which are wholly made in a single vineyard only. Because of this, they don’t receive any special classification or title whatsoever and re just entitled as the Burgundy wine.

This low classification wine make up about half of the totality of the wines made in Burgundy. However, it still contains the health benefits which may be your main reason to buy Burgundy wines.