How To Launch Apps With Gestures

How To Launch Apps With Gestures

There are some jailbreak tweaks that offer so much useful functionality, you’ll wonder how you managed without them. LockGestures is one such app. Depending on what apps you have installed and how you use your device each day, there will always be functions that you use often. You can of course slide to unlock the screen and then tap an app, but with this tweak you can simply write a gesture on the screen and automatically launch an app or a system setting.

Not only does it offer much needed shortcuts on older devices, but it allows anyone to greatly speed up their iPhone usage every time they turn on their phone. The sheer amount of flexibility here is incredibly impressive and the more you use it, the quicker you will start to forget that it is a third-party solution. It feels so natural in daily use that it quickly becomes an embedded part of the system, and one that offers a huge number of benefits for a very low price.

The lock screen on an iPhone can feel like a space that is never used for anything productive, but that all changes with LockGestures. It’s now very productive.

1: Pay your Money

Open Cydia and search for LockGestures. The current price is $1 and when you see what it can do, that will feel like a huge bargain. Install as normal and then go to Settings.

2: Find the Options

In the main Settings screen, scroll down until you see the LockGestures option. If it is not there, try reinstalling the app just to be sure everything is set up correctly.

3: Make your Changes

In the LockGestures settings, tap Select Application, then choose your most used app. You’re taken back to the main settings. Enable the Three Finger Tap Gesture.

4: Your First Gesture

Tap on Select Action, then choose Launch Application from the list. The app you set up in step 3 will be launched automatically when you tap with three fingers on the lock screen.

5: Many more Options

You can now go through the list and set up as many options as you require to make the lock screen work for you. The more you set up, the more beneficial it will potentially be.

6: Nothing Changes

The lock screen will look identical to the way it looked before LockGestures was installed. Nothing changes visually – the magic is in the way you use your invisible gestures.