How To Make Your Class Schedule More Bearable

Are you worn out from school? Have you been taking a full load of classes since you can remember? You need a break. It’s not always possible to take an actual school break, but you can adjust your schedule to make it more bearable.
Working out a schedule that gives you time to study, work toward your degree and still have a balanced life is very important. It’s been shown that the brain needs time to relax, or else it won’t function at it’s fullest potential.

Mix it Up
If possible, take a few enjoyable classes. Rather than loading up on all the required classes for your major, try taking a sports, art or music class. Any class that focuses on something you enjoy, and has a lighter load will help you stay grounded.
Be Reasonable
It’s tempting to try to take as many credits as you can so you can graduate faster. But, this tactic can backfire, leaving you burnt out and earning low grades. Only take as many classes as you can reasonably handle, and do well at.
Spread Things Out
Chances are there are a few classes in your major that are extra tough. You know the type: the ones with endless homework assignments that cover very difficult material. If you are aware of these classes, try to spread them out, rather than taking them all during the same semester.
Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes
Most schools allow students to add and drop classes during the first few weeks of school. Find out when this deadline is at your school and then keep it in mind as you start classes. If you find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, don’t be afraid to drop a class or replace one of your harder classes with something else.
The Big Picture
Remember, that school isn’t everything. You likely have a job, hobbies and friends that you also like to keep up with. It’s easy to tell yourself you have time for a lot of classes, forgetting that you want to have a life in addition to a degree. Keep everything in mind as you make your class schedule.
Class schedules don’t have to be extremely difficult. In fact, it’s wise to only take on as much as you can handle, while still challenging yourself. If you take on too much, you’ll become overwhelmed, and probably won’t earn very high grades. Use these tips to find a happy medium, and you’ll be less stressed and have more time to live your life.
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