How To Make Your Sofa Look As Good As New

The way your sofa looks can have a huge effect on the overall look and mood of the room. If you feel it’s time for a new look but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new sofa then why not just spruce up the old one?

If you love how comfortable your old sofa is but want a fresh feel then here are a few ways that will help you make it look as good as new!

Reupholstering is quite a large job, and sounds daunting, but it is not impossible. It simply means that the fabric on your existing sofa is removed and a newer one is added. This results in you feeling like you have a brand new sofa although it’s still the framework of the old one.

You can do this yourself, and there are lots of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube that are very helpful, but you can also get it professionally done. This would save you a lot of time and effort, but either way is a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa.

Slip Cover
Slip covers are becoming more and more popular. These are specifically designed covers that fit snugly on your sofa and fasten easily around the corners. You can purchase slip covers in a large variety of colours, patterns and sizes.

They are easy to put on and yet remain very secure when in use. Perhaps the best thing about slip covers is that they are also easily removable, so if you want another change you can simply take the cover off and keep it for the future. Slip covers are a very easy way to make your sofa look as good as new without much hassle or expense!

Throw Pillows and Cushions
Something as simple as adding new cushions or pillows to your sofa can also make it look very stylish and like new. If you want to add a bit of colour, life or excitement to the sofa get some unusual and exciting throw pillows!

If you’re creative you could even make your own, which adds a real personal touch to the room. Whether your sofa is looking boring and old or just needs a little something, throw pillows and cushions can provide your sofa with a brand new appeal!

One of the easiest ways to make your sofa or sofa bed look as good as new is by simply cleaning it. That might sound ultra-easy but that’s because it is! As time goes by you often don’t notice just how dirty your sofa can become; by having a good vacuum and wash your sofa can look brand new.

The cheapest way is obviously to do this yourself, which can give brilliant results, but perhaps the best way is to have it professionally cleaned. The cleaning companies have specialised equipment, which will really give your sofa a deep clean. Although this may cost a little more, it’s still relatively cheap compared to buying a new sofa!

There are many different ways to make your sofa look as good as new, including the 4 examples above. So what are you waiting for? You now have lots of tips to get started!

An article by Natalie Moody, who has applied these tips in cleaning her own sofa.