How To Organize Your Kitchen For Carefree Cooking After Office Hours

A stress free environment can never be the result of accident, circumstance or whim. This is particularly true of a well organized kitchen that is a joy to cook in even after a hard day’s work at the office. Such a kitchen develops from intelligent choices, carefully planned moves and superior products.

Your kitchen organization check list

Make a kitchen organization check list under four heads of the basic and not so basic items needed. The list ensures that items are inadvertently not missed out and that they are available when the need arises.


Electric stove, piped gas, hobs, microwave oven, cooking range, pressure cooking, deep frying , baking, refrigerator, cookware, cutlery, tableware, aprons, gloves.


Food grains storage cans, dry storage, wet storage, fresh produce storage, grains, pulses, juice and sauce bottles, tetra packs, dripping utensils, cleaning agents.


Sink dishwasher, scrubbers, garbage bags, brooms, kitchen mops, dust pans, napkins.

Waste disposal

Dry garbage, wet garbage, paper packaging, and plastic waste.

A place for everything

With the help of the kitchen organization check list, arrangement of listed items becomes quite easy. Follow the four specified areas on the list and arrange their items separately and systematically. Never again will finding items take a load of time as allied ones are found together. What is as important is the arrangement takes care of a place for everything. It is not unusual even when professional interior decorators are involved for a lack of proper space for some very basic things such as long handled brooms, kitchen mops and dust pans.

Kitchen’s triangle for optimum efficiency

It is very important to understand the kitchen’s triangle for efficiency and optimum space utilization making for harmonious activity. The most followed triangle is that having the stove, refrigerator and sink at three corners, perfectly balanced by their positions against opposite walls. Yes, you at this triangle’s centre will have all the space utilization and harmonious movement.

Color those walls

White walls are boring and jarring ones easily tiring. Keep wall colors breezy and light by going for darker shades such as grey and beige or lime green and ebony over brighter ones like yellow and orange. Use wall tiles to compose a picture of a fruit dish or a bread basket.

Bright lighting

Sunlight should peep into your kitchen in the mornings through open windows or a skylight. Position mirrors in corners to ensure light distribution through reflection. Give the room an airy feel. At night, use bright lights and task lighting for kitchen workspaces.

Boosting efficiency and convenience

*Stackable yet classic styled kitchenware.

*User-friendly laterally opening shutters, soft closing drawers and pull-out shelves.

*Optimized storage space and easy accessibility to required articles.

*Two-in-one microwave with an oven that suits the overall kitchen décor.

*An island kitchen can include more functionality on account of extra space available. These could include a centre pillar with rotating shelves, a tiny dining area and even a bar stocking your favorite drinks and a range of bar accessories.

*Remote controlled kitchens which open up shutters of cabinets, drawers and shelves at the touch of a button.

*A slide-out ventilation system.

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