How To Potty Train A Toddler

There comes a time in every child’s development when they need to learn how to use the toilet. This can be a hard task for both parents and child to get right and it can be hard to know where to begin when teaching them. If you are wondering how to go about potty training your toddler then here are some tips to make it a manageable task.

Know When The Time Is Right

Knowing when it is the right time for your toddler is ready to be potty trained is one of the most important aspects to get right to ensure that they learn successfully. Children are usually ready to be potty trained around the age of two but don’t rush it if they aren’t quite there yet.

Look Out For The Signs

So what signs do you need to look out for so that you’ll know they’re ready for potty training? If they begin to stay dry for 2-3 hours a day and begin to show an interest in the toilet that is an indication that they may be ready to learn how to use it. Other useful signs to look out for is if they are beginning to go to the toilet and regular times and show awareness of it which will indicate that they have the capacity to control it.

Let Them See You In Action

This may seem strange but you should take your toddlers into the bathroom with you when you go to the toilet and show them how it’s done. Young children are like sponges and they will pick up on the things you do so lead by example, how else are they going to know how to do it?

Mix Strictness With Praise

It is important to get the right balance between being strict with your child by letting them know that they are supposed to use the toilet and praising them when they do. If you overuse either one of these techniques then it will become much harder to teach them effectively. Place your toddler on the toilet regularly even if they don’t have to go and don’t pander to them too much or ask if they have to go. This will show them that it is a regular matter of fact thing and they will pick up on the routine. Once they have successfully used the toilet then be sure to praise them but just don’t overdo it.

Build Up To The Toilet

You should start your training off by buying a child sized potty or adaptor for your toilet for them to practice on as if they don’t have the right equipment how can they be expected to learn? When you go shopping for the potty bring the toddler along and let them pick it out this way it will be more special to them and they will be excited to use it.

Training a toddler to use the potty requires patience, regulation and encouragement and with the right mixture you will have them using the toilet in no time.

Emily Branson is first time mother who recently trained her toddler to use the toilet in a week. She took a picture of the big moment and has added it to the baby albums that she collects.