How To Prevent Children’s Sports Injuries – Keep Them Safe:

It would seem that children will always find a way for hurting themselves despite our best efforts to keep them safe, apart from wrapping them up in cotton wool there is very little we can do to prevent them from the rough and tumble scrapes that they seem to collect. However when it comes to them participating in sport there are things that we can do that will go some way to limiting the number of sports related injuries that they suffer.

Sports Injury Causes
When they participate in sport they are being encouraged to stretch their limits and perform to the very best of their abilities, which means that they will try and run a little faster, throw a little harder and stretch a little further. While they are doing this they are also learning about good sportsmanship and self discipline, but they are place in situations which could result in injury.
Children below the age of eight are particularly susceptible to injury while participating in sports as their co-ordination is not yet sufficiently developed to enable them to react to a situation as quickly as they should to avoid injury. Their reaction times are slower than those of older children and adults. The fact that no two children grow and develop at exactly the same rates means that even in a group of kids that are all the same age there are going to be some large height and weight variances between the children which can also lead to injury.
How to Prevent Injury
There are a number of ways that you can limit the amount of injuries that your child or the children in your sports group sustain.
Use the Correct Equipment: All of the equipment that is used needs to be fit for the purpose for which it is being used, and any protective gear that needs to be worn should be of the right size and be fitted well. Protective gear such as helmets should always be worn where there is a possible risk of head injury as can occur in horse riding, skateboarding and cycling. Make sure that you have checked which whatever group you have enrolled your child into that they have all of the correct safety equipment that is needed, and that it is checked regularly and conforms to all of the relevant safety standards.
Appropriate Playing Surfaces
Playing fields should be of sufficient quality to enable the game to be played or the sport to be performed on them without risk of injury, they should be checked regularly for pot holes, ruts and other damage that can trip hazards and potential injuries.
Adult Supervision
Ensure that the group that you child is involved with has adequate adult supervision for the whole time that they are out of your care, and that members of the supervisory staff are qualified first aid personnel. Also ensure that the adults are aware of the injuries that can be caused when children of different ages and abilities come into contact with each other, make sure that the kids are matched by size, ability and maturity.
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