How To Protect Your Gear When Loading Up A Trailer For Travel

How To Protect Your Gear When Loading Up A Trailer For Travel

Whether you’re heading out for a weekend away or you’ve got a much longer trip planned, a trailer makes a great way to bring the extra gear you need to make the trip truly unforgettable. When using a trailer, though, one of the biggest challenges is trying to protect your gear to ensure it arrives at your destination in one piece. After all, your gear faces many risks on the road, including high speeds, flying rocks, weather, and other hazards. With so much at stake, here are some easy ways to protect your gear when loading up a trailer for travel.

Put a Tarp Over It

If you’re heading far away from home, one of the biggest risks your gear will face is the changing weather along the way. If it’s sunny when you leave, the need for protection for your gear may not seem that great. The further you get from home, though, the more likely it is that you’ll run into a stray rain shower that could ruin some or all of your gear. That’s why it’s a great idea to put a heavy-duty tarp over your gear before you head out. This will help weatherproof your gear and help prevent your gear from blowing out of the trailer. Just be sure to secure the tarp to prevent it from blowing off and becoming a hazard for other motorists.

Strap it Down

If the weather’s not an issue, you’ve still got to deal with the variable of wind. If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle or ridden a roller coaster, you understand just how much force wind can have at highway speeds. This much force can easily blow away just about all but the heaviest gear. The problem with runaway gear is twofold. First, of course, you’re likely to lose your gear or find it with irreparable damage. Second, if it lands in the wrong spot at the wrong time, it could endanger other motorists. By using straps in strategic locations over the highest points of your load, though, you give yourself a great chance of arriving with everything you had when you left.

Box it Up

If your gear is small enough, one of the best solutions to protect it when you’re traveling is to use an aluminum trailer storage box. These boxes ensure that your gear is both entirely weatherproof and safe from blowing away. Plus, when you’re stopped at a gas station or restaurant, locking trailer boxes ensure that none of your equipment is stolen. Trailer boxes can be had in a variety of sizes to fit just about any trailer.

Completely Enclosed

Another good solution for safely transporting your gear is to use a hard shell cover. Whether you use this solution for a trailer or the bed of a truck, a hard shell cover provides great flexibility, security, and protection for your gear-hauling needs. A hard shell cover allows you to load your gear like normal, then close the lid and easily transport it to your destination. Since these can lock, they offer ample protection against theft. Plus, they can be purchased in colors to match your vehicle, making them an aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

When it comes to transporting your gear, the most important step to take is to plan ahead. Though it can be tempting to empty out your garage for a simple weekend getaway, that can greatly complicate your plans during transportation and storage. By planning ahead, though, you can ensure you take only what you need while focusing most of your efforts on enjoying the time spent away from home.